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"My childhood led to having some pretty unhealthy teeth and the dentist is not a new place for me. After a poor and painful experience with a new implant at another office, I chose Ann Arbor’s Dentist based on their more holistic approach. After multiple tests helping me understand the challenges in my mouth and pH optimization I was ready for a biocompatible implant. The experience was nothing like ANY previous dental visit. Absolutely zero pain during or after surgery. My gums healed within a day, my check ups were perfect, and the new tooth is stunning. After properly preparing my body, Dr. Dobracki had me use an all natural mouth healing product [StellaLife VEGA] for a few days before and a week after the implant was placed. I believe this truly helped in the success of my surgery and lack of pain. I would highly recommend this practice based on how much detail they incorporate, their holistic options, and most of all how much they genuinely care." - - Caleb K., patient in Monroe, MI

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