Got Dragon Breath?

Clinician Review

StellaLife is improving lives by relieving dry mouth symptoms and refreshing breath with a natural VEGA Oral Care Rinse.  Better Ingredients. Better Formulations. Better Healing.


Video Transcription:

Narrator- “All-natural dry mouth relief is finally here.”

Person 1- “What's that for?”

Person 2 - “Blood pressure? You know, I don't mind the medication. But it gives me terrible dry mouth. My dentist said it's causing some tooth decay, which is why my breath wasn't so great.”

Person 1- “I don't notice anything.”

Person 2- “Yeah, my dentist recommended StellaLife rinse when I'm home.”

Person 1- “And it works?”

Person 2 - “Yeah, I was surprised the dentist gave it to me too. And it does.”

Person 1- “I'm going to have to ask my dentist about it.”

Narrator- “Ask your dental care provider about StellaLife products. Better ingredients, better formulations, better healing.”

Samantha's Story

I have cheek bites and felt instant relief after applying the gel. Looking forward to implementing StellaLife products for our patients!

Amanda's Story

After using StellaLife, my canker sores went away. Even my kids told me how the ulcers went away, and they could speak and eat. We are StellaLife believers!

Rose's Story

The amazing part is my sores healed after one day. I would touch them with my tongue and not feel any pain.