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Dr. Jack Morrow, Pediatric Dentist, TX

Clinicians Feedback

Dr. Jack Morrow, Pediatric Dentist, TX Image

"17 yr old patient with history of chronic multiple aphthous ulcers. Had him swish with 10 cc of VEGA rinse 3 times daily and use the gel directly on the ulcers. Saw him about 3 weeks later and he said he had not had any ulcers for 2 weeks. That's the longest period time in years without an ulcer! He has been using it now around 2-3 months. He is very pleased with Stellalife. I also used it on myself for an ulcer and busted lip. WOW was I impressed. It soothed the sores and it lasted all day. I used only the gel. The sores cleared up much faster than I expected. Very impressed."