StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Peppermint Rinse

StellaLife Oral Rinse is a natural, microbiotic product formulated for daily use to hydrate, freshen breath, and promote healthy gums to maintain oral health. The patented rinse supports healing after dental treatment. It is part of oral hygiene to moisturize dry mouth and kill bacteria that cause periodontal disease.*


The DENTAL ADVISOR gives the StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care a high rating (see report).

DRY MOUTH: Offers relief. Hydrates and moisturizes.*
GREAT FOR DAILY USE: Promotes oral health and healthy gums/teeth.*
MICROBIOTIC THERAPY: Reduces bacteria that cause tooth decay & periodontal disease. Recommended by THE DENTAL ADVISOR.*
PROMOTES HEALING: Combined use of the VEGA Oral Care Gel and Rinse offers many additional benefits.*
NATURAL: non-staining, organic ingredients, sugar-free, gluten-free, non-toxic.*

StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Rinse is a natural, antimicrobial product that has been formulated to hydrate the oral cavity, promote healthy gums, maintain oral health, and freshen breath. The patent-pending rinse supports healthy healing following oral surgery and periodontal treatment. It is recommended as part of daily oral hygiene due to its antimicrobial properties used to kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Recommended and used by Dental Advisor, Dental Products Report and dental professionals.*   Made in the USA.

16 fl oz (473 ml)



  • Antimicrobial*
  • Hydrates oral cavity.*
  • Maintains oral health.*
  • Promotes healthy gums.*
  • Freshens breath.*


Adults and children over the age of 6 years:

Shake well. Use 3/4 Tablespoonful (10 ml) per application 3 times a day. Swish in the mouth for 1-2 minutes and then spit out. Do not swallow. Refrain from eating or drinking for at least 20 minutes after use. Consult your healthcare professional for use in children under 6 years of age.

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RINSE active ingredients in homeopathic dilution: Azadirachta, Calendula, Echinacea, Plantago. Inactive ingredients: Allantoin, Citric Acid, Glycerin USP, Peppermint flavor, Peppermint oil, Polysorbate 20, Potassium sorbate, Propolis, Xylitol, Purified Water.

StellaLife is passionate about the benefits of natural ingredients as safer alternatives for advanced healing and optimum oral health. The VEGA Oral Care Rinse will not stain teeth, or cause any other unpleasant side effects such as altered taste or sensitivity.  Independent antimicrobial studies confirmed its efficacy against anaerobic bacterial load.

Clinical reports showed anti-fungal properties and effectiveness in the treatment of mucositis in conjunction with VEGA gel. Professional strength. Recommended by the Dental Advisor, dentists, and hygienists.*


■ Do not use if you have a known allergy or sensitivity to any of the ingredients. ■ Stop use and consult a health professional if you experience irritation or unusual sensitivity, or develop a rash. ■ As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product. ■ Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children and pets. In case of accidental overdose, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately. ■ If pain, swelling or other related symptoms persist for more than 7 days of use, contact a dental professional.


■ For your protection, this bottle has an inner seal under the cap. ■ Do not use if tamper evident cap seal is broken or missing ■ Store at room temperature. ■ Keep away from direct heat or sunlight. ■ Because of natural ingredients, color may vary over time. ■ Use within 60 days of opening. 


Individual results may vary

Severe Dry Mouth
By Lisa, RDH (Dr. Chamberlain's practice), FL
"We unsuccessfully used many products for a rheumatoid arthritis patient with severe dry mouth and gum irritation. Due to his condition, he had a swollen fissured tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth. Then we tried StellaLife's rinse and gel. We are very happy with results. He is using them three times per day, and he loves them. Big changes and differences with these new products..”  Learn more >
Repairs Dry Mouth after Chemo treatment
By Suzanne, CA
"I purchased this to help with dry mouth and to preserve my teeth after chemo therapy treatments and this product works extremely well. It repaired my sore gums and inner jaw which was cut up from lack of moisture and my tongue, which I burnt on hot water because my tongue was so sensitive from having a dry mouth. I will continue to use this after every chemo treatment and beyond."
For sore gums and dental procedures
By Sand
"Very good product! A friend recommended to try to speed up a recovery of a sore gum after a dental procedure. It worked wonderfully! I could feel improvement within a day. It's natural, healthy and tastes great. Definitely try it!"
Daily mouthwash for natural, fresh and clean feel
By Steven, MA
"This is an incredible product. I have been using it for a few weeks with great results. The rinse leaves your mouth feeling very natural, fresh and clean - not like the typical unhealthy mouthwashes - and it is longer lasting as well. The rinse has also essentially cured my dry mouth issues. I highly recommend this product for your daily mouthwash as well as a remedy for dry mouth."

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1. How effective is StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Rinse? Independent antimicrobial studies showed the rinse efficacy against the anaerobic bacterial load in half for over 3 hours after a single application. See studies.  

2. When do I use StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Rinse? Our natural, antimicrobial rinse has been formulated for daily use to promote healthy gums, hydrate the oral cavity, maintain oral health, and freshen breath. Clinical reports showed anti-fungal properties and efficacy in the treatment of mucositis in conjunction with VEGA Oral Gel.  Our rinse is recommended as part of daily oral hygiene for everyone age 6 years and above. When used regularly, the rinse can offer long-term maintenance to promote exceptional oral health.

3, Does StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Rinse stain teeth? No. The great-tasting rinse will not stain teeth, alter the taste or increase sensitivity. 

4. Does it help dry mouth? Yes. It has been helping patients with dry mouth symptoms, including patients who experience xerostomia caused by radiation therapy to the head and neck. 

5. What is your return policy? We are so sure you will be delighted with your purchase of VEGA® Oral Care product, that if you are not completely satisfied, you can return for a full refund. For questions regarding refunds, please send us an email at See Return Policy.

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