StellaLife VEGA Oral Care was awarded 2021 Top Oral Healing Product for the third year in a row by Dental Advisor! StellaLife® is a biotech company on a mission to improve people's lives by accelerating healing, relieving pain, and significantly reducing, or in some cases eliminating, the need for opioids and steroids. We appreciate the Dental Advisor's evaluators expertise.

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2021 Top Oral Healing Product by Dental Advisor
COVID-19 tongue

Dr. Scott Froum explains what you need to know about COVID-19–associated pathology of the tongue, recently termed “COVID tongue” in news reports. 

"In addition, because COVID-19 can affect salivary quantity and quality, rinses addressing oral dryness and inflammation, such as StellaLife Vega oral rinse, can alleviate symptoms and expedite recovery."

Thank you Dr. Froum for helping patients!

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2020 Dental Advisor Award Winner

StellaLife® is a biotech company on a mission to improve people’s lives by accelerating healing, relieving pain, and significantly reducing, or in some cases eliminating, the need for opioids and steroids. We very much appreciate the 2020 Top Oral Healing Product Award from Dental Advisor, the second year in a row!

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2020 Oral Cancer Cause Socialthon

StellaLife is very glad to be able to help people achieve a level of comfort before, during, and after many dental procedures. StellaLife enables patients to eat and get through their cancer therapy. As a clinical hygienist for over 40 years, Liz has seen StellaLife help her through ortho treatments, periodontal surgery, and more with relative ease and minimal discomfort. She has enjoyed these natural products and what they can do for all kinds of dental patients, including Dry Mouth cancer patients.

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StellaLife Rinse is #1 Mouthwash according to Elle magazine

In the article "10 Mouthwashes for Every Concern from Bad Breath to Whiter Teeth",  published in Elle magazine, StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Rinse has been selected as number #1 choice, due to its "chemical-free, homeopathic antimicrobial" nature. 

Thank you Dr. Grace Vershinina for helping patients heal faster with fewer opioids!

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2019 Oral Cancer Cause Socialthon

Watch the 1st OCC Socialthon LIVE 2019 with Debbie from StellaLife. Thank you Linda and Robin of Oral Cancer Cause for doing so much important work for bringing awareness on screening and prevention!

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The Efficacy of Preemptive Analgesia Using a Non-Opioid Alternative Therapy Regimen on Postoperative Analgesia Following Block Bone Graft Surgery of the Mandible

A Prospective Pilot Study in Pain Management in Response to the Opioid Epidemic by:

  • Cameron Y.S. Lee, DMD, MD, PHD, MPH: Private Practice in Oral, Maxillofacial and Reconstructive Surgery, Aiea, Hawaii 96701; Clinical Professor of Periodontology and Oral Implantology; Kornberg School of Dentistry, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA

  • Jon B. Suzuki, DDS, PHD, MBA: Professor (Emeritus) of Microbiology and Immunology (School of Medicine); Professor (Emeritus) of Periodontology and Oral Implantology (School of Dentistry); Kornberg School of Dentistry, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA

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    Reduce the Need for Opioids

    "Pain management is one of the most critical aspects of practice in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The purpose of this study was to measure the change in strong (stronger then 30 mg codeine) opioid utilization after introducing the standardized protocol (Office Protocol) designed for opioid-free postoperative pain management.." - - Walter Tatch, DDS, FACOMS, Diplomate, ABOMS, Fellow, AACS, USA 

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    Canker sores: An old enemy facing new treatment

    StellaLife Products: Homeopathic remedies utilizing essential oils and other anti-inflammatory agents in mouth rinses have shown efficacy in treating aphthous ulcers. (5) For aphthous ulcer treatment, StellaLife offers a gel that is applied to the ulcer area with a clean cotton swab five to seven times a day.

    This application can decrease pain intensity and reduce ulcer duration from 10 to 14 days down to just two to three days after onset. The gel’s active ingredients include Aconitum, Azadirachta, Arnica, Calendula, Chamomilla, Echinacea, Gelsemium, Hepar, Hypericum, Ignatia, Mercurius, Plantago, and Ruta. This ingredient combination contains anti-inflammatory properties that are shown to accelerate healing, temporarily relieve pain, and reduce swelling and bruising." - - Dr. Scott Froum, Editorial Director, PerioImplant Advisory, USA   

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    Natural Adjunct to Post-Operative Management After Third Molar Surgery published by Oral Health Magazine

    "Removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most common procedures performed in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The most common postoperative complications of impacted lower third molar extractions are extended pain, trismus and facial swelling. These symptoms slow down the patient’s recovery and influence his or her ability to resume normal daily activities....

    In this series of case reports patients recovered 1-2 days more quickly when compared with the average patient in other studies who received oral or submucosal corticosteroids...

    Based on this series of case reports, some testable hypotheses for further studies of the effectiveness of VEGA Oral Recovery Kit (Fig. 3) after surgical removal of impacted third molars were generated. The Kit may provide a natural alternative to steroids and narcotic pain meds while accelerating healing in patients undergoing various dental procedures." - -  Dr. Walter Tatch, DDS, FACOMS, Diplomate, ABOMS, Fellow, AACS, USA.    

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    Facts and figures behind the opioid epidemic: 3 clinical methods to alleviate pain and decrease the need for opiates

    No. 2: Homeopathic adjunctive therapy

    "One line of dental products that comes packaged together and is particularly effective is the VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit by StellaLife. This kit has 16 active homeopathic ingredients designed to accelerate healing; reduce pain, swelling, and bruising; and provide antimicrobial properties to reduce anxiety. It contains arnica, calendula, and chamomile among other active ingredients. All 16 ingredients work synergistically and give the product its unique pain-relieving properties. The kit comes with a mouth spray, gel, and rinse that is designed to be used one to three days prior to the procedure and seven to 10 days postprocedure, depending upon the expected trauma of the surgery. The VEGA Oral Care Recovery kit is a natural answer that can reduce postoperative pain for patients who are recovering from various dental procedures.."   - - Dr. Scott Froum, Editorial Director, PerioImplant Advisory, USA     

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    Postsurgical discomfort and at-home recovery

    "On the market today, you will find a rinse for everything and many boast very big claims. Mouth rinses aren’t magic potions, but they can be "magical" for patients if we help them find the right rinse for their discomfort. StellaLife Inc. is one mouth rinse that could really help patients with oral pain management. The company's research claims that the formulation of its homeopathic ingredients helps with postsurgical wound healing (VEGA Oral Care Rinse), and that is is effective in the management and better healing of mucositis, aphthous ulcers, cold sores, denture sores, and nearly all other dental concerns (VEGA Oral Care Gel). "  - - B. Michelle Strange, RDH, MSDH   

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    Caring for oral cancer patients: Hygienists can adjust dental treatment protocols

    "Pain from treatment side effects can be absolutely debilitating.2 Dental patients undergoing cancer treatment often require narcotic pain medications and steroids for postoperative recovery. As dental professionals, we may want to offer a natural option for those times when patients feel they don’t want to use narcotics. The StellaLife Vega Oral Care Recovery Kit is a homeopathic treatment formulated as adjunctive therapy for postsurgical treatment that can significantly reduce or, in some cases, eliminate the need for narcotic pain medications and steroids. It can also be used to treat mucositis.3..." - - Kathryn Gilliam, RDH, BA, USA 

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    Homeopathic oral recovery kit: Plus, two resources to consider for pediatric dental care

    "The StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit is a breakthrough homeopathic medicine ideal as adjunctive therapy for postsurgical treatment and can significantly reduce, or in some cases eliminate, the need for narcotic pain medications and steroids. This homeopathic system includes a gel, spray, and rinse formulated to be used as an adjunct following wisdom teeth removal, placement of dental implants, bone grafting, osseous surgery, connective tissue grafting, scaling and root planing, etc. According to the manufacturer, this homeopathic medicine is formulated for hydration, periodontal health, and fresh breath. With one application, the rinse kills over 99% of Streptococcus mutans, reducing the anaerobic bacteria load for over three hours, in turn accelerating wound healing..."  - - By Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH,  USA

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    5 questions with StellaLife - The Dunn Show

    "I’ve recently become acquainted with Gennady Sirota, CEO of StellaLife. His company has introduced a number of innovative oral care solutions, and he has a great story to tell. So, I asked him a few questions about the company and its products, and he answered. Here are 5 questions with Gennady Sirota, CEO of StellaLife." - -  by Michael Dunn.   

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    StellaLife Inc. launches VEGA Oral Care system of homeopathic oral healing products

    "StellaLife VEGA Oral Care products contain sixteen active ingredients that are part of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS). The products can be used after all dental surgical procedures, including bone and tissue grafting, extractions, implant placements, osseous surgery, and dental nonsurgical procedures, such as scaling and root planing, and quadrant dentistry. StellaLife products are manufactured in the United States, registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines." - -  DentistryIQ  

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