Consumers' Videos

Going through a personal cancer journey, I am forever indebted to StellaLife. We love you, and our office loves you!
StellaLife VEGA Oral Care turned my life around battling Oral Pemphigoid.
StellaLife cut down on pain after my wisdom teeth extractions. No pain medication after a few days. Absolutely amazing!
Both daughters used StellaLife (Wisdom Teeth & Gum Graft). Great results. Recovery was wonderful. I am a fan!
Healed 2-3 days after my wisdom teeth extractions. No opioids. Thank you so much
Works amazing and even helps prevent my sores from flaring up.
Allysa shares how StellaLife helped to heal faster after dental surgery.
StellaLife is amazing! I had a dental implant done and loved the advanced healing, less pain, great natural taste with no staining.
I can eat now! I can brush my teeth without spitting out blood. I am so grateful and thankful.
I have cheek bites and felt instant relief after applying the gel. Looking forward to implementing StellaLife products for our patients!
After using StellaLife, my canker sores went away. Even my kids told me how the ulcers went away, and they could speak and eat. We are StellaLife believers!
The amazing part is my sores healed after one day. I would touch them with my tongue and not feel any pain.
The small q-tip size of StellaLife gel made my pain go away literally in less than 10 minutes.
I cannot tell you what a phenomenal relief it gave me. StellaLife gel is an amazing product.
Use natural StellaLife VEGA Oral Care to relieve canker sore symptoms and promote healing! Natural, Tastes great, Non-toxic, Opioid-free.
Use natural, hydrating StellaLife VEGA Oral care Rinse to relieve Dry Mouth symptoms and control bacteria. Natural, Tastes great, Non-toxic, Opioid-free.
Mark shares how StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Gel helped him get through his extractions with minimal pain and swelling.