Dental Hygienists' Videos

My sister enjoys the relief of this long-term affliction. StellaLife is short of a miracle!
We have seen great results with StellaLife after dental surgeries and periodontal treatment.
I get immediate results after cleaning. Acceptance is 100% due to a great taste.  Dry mouth patients report fast relief.
...a beautiful balance for dry mouth, canker or cold sores, burning mouth syndrome and perio. StellaLife's all-encompassing product line used for all of our patients at LVI Hygiene program.
The swelling was well-controlled and healing was accelerated. Wonderful product
Helping a rheumatoid arthritis patient with a dry mouth and gum irritation. Big improvement.
Shirley recommends StellaLife for tongue-tie surgeries to reduce the need for opioids. 
If you have an aging loved one and are concerned about their oral health take a look at our website
Lani McBeth RDH from Colorado sharing her patient's story at Hot Topics in Chicago, Feb 2019
Dental Hygienists from DHE Method use, recommend and LOVE StellaLife!
I used StellaLife instead of Chlorhexidine and didn't take any opioids. My dentist was amazed by the results.