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My sister enjoys the relief of this long-term affliction. StellaLife is short of a miracle!
We have seen great results with StellaLife after dental surgeries and periodontal treatment.
I get immediate results after cleaning. Acceptance is 100% due to a great taste. Dry mouth patients report fast relief.
...a beautiful balance for dry mouth, canker or cold sores, burning mouth syndrome and perio. StellaLife's all-encompassing product line used for all of our patients at LVI Hygiene program.
The swelling was well-controlled and healing was accelerated. Wonderful product
Helping a rheumatoid arthritis patient with a dry mouth and gum irritation. Big improvement.
Shirley recommends StellaLife for tongue-tie surgeries to reduce the need for opioids.
If you have an aging loved one and are concerned about their oral health take a look at our website
Lani McBeth RDH from Colorado sharing her patient's story at Hot Topics in Chicago, Feb 2019
Dental Hygienists from DHE Method use, recommend and LOVE StellaLife!
I used StellaLife instead of Chlorhexidine and didn't take any opioids. My dentist was amazed by the results.

Expert Tips — Ms Linda Miles — Transitioning an Emergency Patient to Comprehensive Care

Liz Lundry, RDH, Clinical Education Manager for StellaLife shares her professional and personal experiences with using the VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit for managing pain and healing after dental treatment.
I've incorporated StellaLife rinse in our soft tissue management program. I've seen fabulous before and after results!
We've been using StellaLife products in our office for the past year. We've seen a lot of really fantastic results!