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"We unsuccessfully used many products for a rheumatoid arthritis patient with severe dry mouth and gum irritation. Due to his condition, he had a swollen fissured tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth. Then we tried StellaLife's rinse and gel. We are very happy with results. He is using them three times per day, and he loves them. Big changes and differences with these new products.”.” - - Lisa, RDH (Dr. Chamberlain), FL Learn More >>


"I am absolutely delighted to have been introduced to StellaLife products. Having watched my brother and many other oral cancer patients suffer with ulcers in their mouth, I understand the pain these ulcers cause. They have trouble eating, swallowing and speaking. When Sharman, a friend of mine, shared with me her 87 year old father was just diagnosed with tongue cancer, I told her about StellaLife. I had just been introduced to StellaLife and told it can help prevent and/or soothe mouth ulcers as patients go through radiation. Sharman had her father begin using the StellaLife rinse, spray and gel prior to beginning treatment and all through treatment. As he neared the end of his radiation and chemotherapy, his doctors were amazed that he never had one ulcer throughout his entire treatment. They even decided since he did so well, they would add one more week to his therapy. His oncologist, radiologist and ENT specialist said they have never seen this. They are extremely impressed with how effective StellaLife was for Sharman's father." - - Robin, SC, Learn about Oral Cancer Cause >>


"This is an amazing product that all dentists and patients should know about. My daughter used this product after having her wisdom teeth removed, experienced accelerated healing and was able to just use a 3x dose of Tylenol and no other pain killers. Opioids are a slippery slope...with this product you will avoid them. I highly recommend." - - Karen, NY


"I have had several dental procedures performed by Dr. Carter and my most recent one was on 01/05/2017. This experience was different since I used StellaLife for the first time. I followed the instructions and was surprised that my level of pain was considerably less. I used the rinse, gel and spray. I was surprised that I had very little swelling. I had minimum discomfort. I came back to the office 10 days post extractions and two implants and stitches were removed. The team commented that I must be a fast healer since my surgery sites looked so healed. I attribute that to StellaLife products. I have recommended StellaLife to friends about to have similar procedures. I will not have another dental procedure without StellaLife. Had I used it the first time, I would not have a need for pain pills. I can recommend StellaLife to anyone having dental procedures.” - - Judy, TN


"My daughter had a frenectomy surgery. Dr. told us to expect the pain for 3-4 days following the surgery. As a dental professional, I used StellaLife healing kit 3 days prior and after surgery in place of the Dr's prescription. My daughter only took children's Ibuprofen 2 times the day of the surgery, and had no pain at all. She allowed me to stretch her tongue as prescribed by the Dr. and the healing site looks amazing. The Dr was floored that my daughter had a play date the same day as the surgery, no issues with eating and pain especially on days 3 & 4. Thanks so much, this was amazing for my daughter." - - Katrinna, RDH, AZ


"My mother had a number of oral surgeries and stopped eating due to all the pain. I didn’t know what to do. Thank goodness my close friend suggested to see a surgeon that has a magic gel. After 24 hours, my mom was eating again. Incredible product! " - - Anna, IL


"I had a procedure performed by Dr. Stoner, and brought home the StellaLife Recovery Kit. I wanted to tell you how wonderful this product is. I have used the spray, the gel, and the rinse several times already, and it is VERY pleasant to use and very soothing, not only to the area where he did the work, but also to my entire mouth. I appreciate the way Dr. Stoner is always researching and then incorporating new technologies and products into his practice so that we, the patients, can have the highest possible opportunity to recover fully and move along in life after an advanced dental procedure. I feel fortunate to be a patient in Dr. Stoner's practice. So thank you for the StellaLife. I am actually looking forward to the next rinse!" - - Ellen, OH


"I purchased this to help with dry mouth and to preserve my teeth after chemo therapy treatments and this product works extremely well. It repaired my sore gums and inner jaw which was cut up from lack of moisture and my tongue, which I burnt on hot water because my tongue was so sensitive from having a dry mouth. I will continue to use this after every chemo treatment and beyond." - - Suzanne, CA


"Fantastic product I highly recommend. I had a back top tooth pulled and had gotten dry socket within a day or two of using this product I feelt a big difference pain went away and healing started. I felt this was a little pricey however you get what you pay for. Would order again if I need it as discribed." - - Andrea


"It was a bit smaller than what I thought I was getting. But it will last awhile anyhow. After my 2 teeth extractions this healed them up faster especially since one tooth area became inflammed (not dry socket). This helped heal it even after my dentist put dry socket stuff on it before I even found this. This will come in handy for my wisdom teeth extractions that are nearing soon." - - Angel, WI


"StellaLife helped me with Lichen Planus, I have been using products for over a month. It is natural and it works. I use the Rinse also." - - Carol, VA


"I had 4 wisdom teeth removed last week. I was in so much pain and then a friend recommended to use StellaLife. I liked the rinse’s taste unlike alternative mouthwashes. The gel instantly relieved the pain and my swelling decreased significantly. I wish the dentist provided this product after getting my wisdom teeth right away because it’s all natural and works wonders. Do not get your wisdom teeth removed unless you have StellaLife on your side!” - - Grace, IL


"This gel and rinse provides immense relief for my dentures. Gel helped reduce my swelling and pain in the gums. Then I used the antibacterial rinse and it helped me reduce mouth sores and dry mouth. Thank you for helping me." - - Laura, FL


"I had a number of dental procedures performed, and a friend recommended a homeopathic oral gel to deal with my pain. I tried it and it actually works! I use it after all oral procedures to relieve my pain. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone." - - Valentina, IL


"I've been using the Gel inside both my top and bottom night guards for the past 2 weeks and I am so grateful that my mouth feels clean and refreshed every morning. No YUCK MOUTH!! I use the rinse every morning and evening after brushing my teeth to loosen and remove the remnants after flossing. I have also used the gel to quickly clear up the occasional canker sore and gum irritation from my night guard." - - Mary V., Holistic Wellness Practitioner


"It's made a huge difference in my oral care. I'm 72 and have had some trouble with an oral implant and gum issues. I used Stella regularly once a day at night after brushing and water picking and my gums are healed and healthy. I used to have "4" pockets everywhere and one "7". Now they are all "1"'s and "2"'s. I saw my hygienist after using it for 6 months during Covid ~ she was shocked how healthy and pink my gums are. I highly recommend this to everyone for healthy gums. Its mild and has a comfortable taste. " - - Betsy C, CO


"I've been using StellaLife products since October 2018. My favorite is the StellaLife Gel. It is an awesome ALL NATURAL product! In October 2018, I was diagnosed with Cicatricial Pemphigoid Disease, which is a rare autoimmune disease ... there is no cure, it is not contagious and effects ALL mucous membranes of the body! The oral pathologist wrote a prescription for steroids & said that was only thing she could recommend. I chose to not do steroids & have been in constant research for all natural products to help with horrible pain with mouth ulcers. I am using the StellaLife Gel & WILL NOT go with out having it on hand. I am also using colloidal silver water to help with mouth ulcers. It is expensive for a 1 ounce bottle but nothing else works for me!." - - Kay G, TX


"Hi everyone! This StellaLife Gel is wonderful!! I feel so much better! Thank you so much Dr. Po! Also I want to thank you for taking the time to teach me about the trigeminal nerve! Understanding always makes me feel better! You would make a really excellent teacher Dr. Po!" - - Judy, NJ


"My experience with the StellaLife recovery kit has been very positive. It is very soothing and pleasant to use. The radiation oncologist at City of Hope, Arya Amini, MD seems to be quite impressed with the health of my mouth. I told him I was using StellaLife and he was interested. For sake of history, I started Radiation and chemo for oropharyngeal carcinoma 10/11/21. 6 weeks is planned. I have one more week to go. Prior to receiving the stellalife I was using a protocol of: brushing with Biotene, rinsing 1/8 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp bicarbonate in 6 oz warm water followed by Biotene rinse. After 31/2 weeks I developed a pretty good case of candida for which I started Diflucan about the same time the StellaLive arrived. I continued the same protocol of brushing with Biotene and rinsing with salt/bicarbonate but substituted the StellaLife for the Biotene rinse. The StellaLife is much more soothing, than the Biotene, and the Candida has resolved. I do not have any significant mucositis and I am able to tolerate most soft foods. I have been quite successful at keeping my nutrition and weight up. I believe the StellaLife has been a big contributor in helping me during this phase of my treatment. Very much appreciated." - - Arthur W. Kilkuts, DMD, CA


"I have been using the product since June of 2020. I have had a recurring abscess bubble over a bridge and a failed root canal. My gums were always sore and swollen. StellaLife is the best product I have ever used for my mouth pain and I will continue to use it. “Don’t change what works”" - - Jeanne, FL


"Dr. Lavene started me on StellaLife rinse and recovery products when my gums were in really bad shape. I've been using them for almost 2 years and had a recent follow up visit with Dr. Lavene who showed me my before and after pictures. The difference is amazing! StellaLife made a huge difference in my oral health. Thank you for making a great product that has made such a difference!" -- Cathy, FL