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March 2024 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Brian Coulter

February 2024 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Daniel Delrose

January 2024 Newsletter

Dr. Nicole Vane was born and raised in Northern California. She attended the University of California at Berkeley, graduating with a degree in Biology. Dr. Vane received her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Tufts University in Boston, graduating at the top of her class, and above the 95th percentile on...

December 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Cathy Hung

November 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Rodolfo Garza

October 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Ellie Campbell

September 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Susan Maples 

August 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Ahmed Mataria 

July 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Mark L. Cannon.

June 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Erez Nosrati

May 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Richard Miron 

April 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. John Ferrin

March 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald

February 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Thomas Graf 

January 2023 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Jason E. Portnof.

November 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Michael Pikos

October 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Hogan.

September 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Kate Schacherl.

August 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Carrie Pumphrey and Dr. Betsy Crandall.

July 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Steven Rasner.

June 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Elana Shlansky

May 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Rana Shahi

April 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Teresa Lozano & Dr. Mariana Velazquez's Practice!

March 2022 Newsletter

We're back this month to feature Dr. Cynthia Brattesani's Practice!

February 2022 Newsletter

Meet the Official Dentist of the Philadelphia Eagles!

January 2022 Newsletter

918Dentist is very active in community service. They believe communizes allows them to be part of their lives, so they show their gratitude by helping the communities in various ways. One way to give back was to create a free dental day that patients who won’t be able to afford...

December 2021 Newsletter

For thirty-seven years, Dr. Tom Nabors has served as a leader in advancing oral microbiology, immunology, and the emerging field of Oral Systemic Health. Following a career in Dentistry, he launched Oral DNA in 2008, the first diagnostic laboratory to focus on the indemnification and diagnostic relevance of oral pathogens....

November 2021 Newsletter

CUTTING EDGE-UCATION: WELCOME TO EXCELLENCE with Dr. Rudy Garza DDS, MD Board-Certified Oral Surgeon Dr. Garza attended Texas A&M Health Science Center, Baylor College of Dentistry to obtain a DDS degree. While in dental school, he served as president of his dental school class. He also was recognized with awards...

October 2021 Newsletter

"..having been placing some implants with the Midwest Implant Institute, we definitely use StellaLife products with each one of those patients. The recovery kit has worked well in managing post-op pain. We really appreciate the antimicrobial properties, we totally appreciate now knowing that it is very effective against the coronavirus,...

September 2021 Newsletter

Robert E. Marx, DDS is Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and is well known as an educator, researcher, and innovative surgeon. He has pioneered new concepts and treatments for pathologies of the oral...

August 2021 Newsletter

StellaLife is a game changer. It gives us the confidence to treat our patients who would ordinarily have a difficult time with recovery after surgery. -- Dr. Stacey Blume

July 2021 Newsletter

Dr. Resnik is one of the original faculty and founding members of the Misch Institute since 1988 and worked alongside Dr. Carl Misch for over 30 years. He is internationally known as a leading educator, clinician, author and researcher in the field of Oral Implantology and Prosthodontics. He received his...

June 2021 Newsletter

"...the StellaLife product has been of much relief to patients suffering with Lichen Planus, Geographic Tongue, and Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid....." - Dr. Kathleen M. Eisin

May 2021 Newsletter

"Beauty Meets Engineering - Meet the Stanleys!" --with Dr. Bobbi A. Stanley, DDS, DICOI, FLVI, MAGD. Fueled by her passion, she flies! Dr. Bobbi Stanley shares how by following her passion, she has been able to grow a thriving dental practice in Cary, North Carolina together with her husband Dr....

April 2021 Newsletter

"I Can't Do This Anymore" -- with Robin Morrison, Co-Founder, Oral Cancer Cause Robin Morrison is passionate about dentistry and health care. As an entrepreneur, she founded RLM Healthcare Marketing and Consulting and Dental Consultant Connection. She helps practices excel in every aspect of dentistry with any support they may need,...

March 2021 Newsletter

Dr. Jennifer Roe, DDS is a pediatric dentistry practitioner in Wimberley, TX and has been practicing for 13 years. "I have been using StellaLife products for a year and a half with excellent results. It is unbelievable for dental procedures like swelling, bleeding, gingival inflammation, yeast (fungal) infections like Lichen...

February 2021 Newsletter

What You Can't See Could Hurt You with Diane Larson, RDH, BSDH Diane Larson is a hygienist and Clinical Specialist at OralDNA Labs.

January 2021 Newsletter

Rapid Recovery That TASTES Good? It's True! Rapid Surgical Recovery With a Natural Product That Tastes Good with Dr. Thomas Bilski For over 27 years, Dr. Bilski has maintained an implant and cosmetic restorative based practice that encases simple and complex aspects of dentistry.

December 2020 Newsletter

Scary Future? The Future is Now with Patti DeMatteis, ASDH, RDH Patti DeMatteis, ASDH, RDH practiced dental hygiene in private practice for 25 years before founding Dental Hygiene Excellence in 1997 to make a difference in dentistry.

November 2020 Newsletter

How Clinicians Can Combat One of the Fastest Growing Cancers with Dr. Scott Eidson | StellaLife Dr. Scott Eidson, a dentist and member of the clinical faculty of the UNC Adams School of Dentistry at Chapel Hill shares his own HPV related cancer experience, how it was discovered, the treatment...

October 2020 Newsletter

Take a look at why so many clinicians are shelving Chlorhexidine! "StellaLife was the first antiseptic solution that maintained cell viability." -- Dr. Richard Miron October 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter

"StellaLife products are unbelievable for swelling, bleeding, gingival inflammation, and Lichen Planus." -- Dr. Marq Sams September 2020 Newsletter

August 2020 Newsletter

“VEGA oral rinse was far superior to CHX in terms of cellular biocompatibility, ability to induce cell migration, proliferation, gene expression, and collagen synthesis.” -- Dr. Rick Miron August 2020 Newsletter

July 2020 Newsletter

Join us Fridays for our Innovator series on Facebook! Check out how our StellaLife® VEGA Oral Care Gel advances healing just 40 minutes post-op! July 2020 Newsletter

June 2020 Newsletter

Join us Fridays for our Innovator series on Facebook! Our case study of the month is about a Mucositis and Thrush case that used our StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Recovery Kit. Check out our upcoming events!June 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter

Dr. Alan Farber, a New York Periodontist and Founder of iADS (International Association of Dental Specialists), discusses how iADS has enabled oral specialists globally to come together under one platform and move the industry forward. iADS provides an online community to support dental specialists and help them thrive, especially right...

April 2020 Newsletter

Helpful Tips To Boost The Immune System- Essential nutrients - Essential rest and rejuvenation- Essential stress control April 2020 Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

"I don’t like CHX and started using a different natural essential oil dental product several years ago. My patients appreciate a holistic natural product rather than more prescriptions and chemicals. I have been recommending StellaLife to my patients for over 3 years now. My patients prefer the taste of StellaLife...

February 2020 Newsletter

"StellaLife delivered on its promise. A smoker implant patient with an infection used the Recovery Kit for 3 days prior the surgery, and when she came back, everything looked fantastic to proceed with the surgery. Another smoker patient has no pain after starting the Recovery Kit and healed beautifully....' -...

January 2020 Newsletter

"The recovery with our patients is phenomenal. Our patients love it is natural and easy to use. We started using StellaLife on our family members and our staff. Everything we heard back was phenomenal. We are going through a hundred plus boxes of the recovery kits per month and will...

December 2019 Newsletter

During the month of December, StellaLife is partnering with America’s ToothFairy to support their end-of-year campaign to provide grants for programs helping kids in need receive dental care and preventive services in the year to come. Use our exclusive link to make a donation and you’ll be entered to...

November 2019 Newsletter

"We have been using StellaLife Recovery Kit for several years on bone augmentation surgeries. Antimicrobial rinse doesn't stain, and our patients like the taste. Innovative pain-relief Spray and Gel have anti-inflammatory effects and easy to use. It benefits patients with faster healing and clinicians by reducing the need for opioids....

"StellaLife is a super weapon for pain management and reduction of the inflammatory process." - Jasmin Haley

"StellaLife has impacted my mission by providing a 'whole-istic' product that is a super weapon for pain management and reduction of the inflammatory process. I've seen with my own eyes their benefits and I've worked with other professionals who have also seen impactful results."- - Jasmin Haley, RDH, MSDH, CDAOctober...

"The results have been fantastic." - Dr. Joe Griffin

"We use StellaLife for all of our dental patients, including implants, extractions, and all of our gum surgeries. The results have been fantastic. Two weeks after the surgical site looks like it was healing for months. Inflammation is down, and the sutures are always very clean. StellaLife is also helping...

StellaLife is proud to introduce new VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit with 16oz Rinse!

You asked and we delivered! 2019 Top Oral Healing Product by the Dental Advisor Your positive feedback has been tremendous in support of StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Recovery Kit to accelerate wound healing and assist in pain control! One thing was missing - you asked for more rinse! We listened...

"StellaLife has been the biggest game changer in my practice." - - Dr. MacConnell


"I love your product!! StellaLife is excellent for a wide range of dental patients, easy to use at home, and helps with oral health. A new patient came to us with severe pain due a previous surgery and infection. We put her on antibiotics with StellaLife, and within a week,...

2019 Top Oral Healing Product Award

The Dental Advisor awards StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit 2019 Top Oral Healing Product"Due to its unique properties, the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit was awarded 2019 Top Oral Healing Product by THE DENTAL ADVISOR., with no runner up." - - The Dental Advisor Read June 2019 Newsletter

"StellaLife is an excellent addition to any surgical or palliative treatment without staining teeth." - - Dr. Roger Parkes

"We started to use the StellaLife program 3 years ago and tried it on an implant patient, who was a dentist. He healed fast and loved it so much he adapted it in his practice. I like natural products that work without the side effects of staining teeth or fibroblast...

"Dental professionals have a unique opportunity to accelerate pemphigus and pemphigoid diagnosis times" - - IPPF

Vision To find a cure for pemphigus and pemphigoid. Mission To improve the quality of life for all people affected by pemphigus and pemphigoid through early diagnosis and support.Biopsies Save Lives: Pemphigus and pemphigoid are rare, autoimmune, skin and mucosal blistering diseases. Patients often experience oral symptoms first, such as...

"StellaLife program has a broad spectrum of surgical and oral medicine applications to improve the well-being of our patients." - - Dr. Jin Kim

"We use the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care program in my practice for two main areas. For dental surgeries, it reduces postoperative complications, pain, swelling and suppresses the bacterial growth while revitalizing the tissue and enhancing the healing capacity. For oral medicine patients having limited options and dealing with pathological lesions...

"Our patients experienced much faster healing and significantly less discomfort

which allowed us to use much less post-operative medication" - - Dr. I. Stephen Brown (Feb 2019)

"Our patients have experienced much faster healing and significantly less discomfort, which allowed us to use much less post-operative medication. I teach post-graduate Perio Residents at The University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Albert Einstein Medical Center. During my lectures, I frequently mention StellaLife, because our patients have such good...

"Fewer narcotics

better success rate , tastes great and doesn’t stain teeth or alters taste like CHX." - - Dr. Sunny Drake

"Fewer narcotics, better success rate, tastes great and doesn’t stain teeth or alters taste like CHX." - Dr. Sunny Drake Read January 2019 Newsletter

"StellaLife has been a game changer for my patients and my practice!" - - Dr. Lisa Miller


"StellaLife VEGA Oral Care products have been a game changer for my practice. My team enjoys teaching our patients about the product because the results have been outstanding. Patients call us post procedure thanking us for the StellaLife products because it dramatically improved their post-operative recovery. StellaLife has allowed me...

"StellaLife is short of a miracle!" - - Linda Miles

"My younger sister Barbara suffered from the dry mouth after her open heart surgery three years ago. She tried many products but not until StellaLife did she find permanent relief from dry mouth. On a recent visit to visit me, I mentioned StellaLife….The company sent her some samples and for...

4 fold decrease in the prescription of heavy opioids - - Dr. Walter Tatch

"Since the introduction of StellaLife three years ago (2015), we achieved almost 4 fold decrease in the prescription of heavy opioids such as hydrocodone and oxycodone." - Dr. Walter Tatch Read October 2018 Newsletter

Dr. Michael A. Pikos adapts 3 • 3 • 3 StellaLife Program

"After using StellaLife products for 18 months, across the board it has been an amazing experience for our staff, myself and most important for our patients. The feedback from patients has been tremendous. The dramatic change we have seen has been very impressive. We now have patients asking us for...

"Rapid post-surgical recovery has been amazing" - - Dr. William Lamas

"The adjunct of StellaLife products for rapid post-surgical recovery and maintenance of oral health has been amazing to see with my patients. I am always searching for ways to accelerate healing and get my patients back to normal life activities. StellaLife products which are made of homeopathic ingredients have helped...

Dr. Grace Goar Vershinina


StellaLife has also been helping our dry mouth, chronic ulcers, angular cheilitis, Lichen Planus patients and making a positive impact on our practice." - - Dr. Grace Goar Vershinina, DMD Read June 2018 Newsletter

Dr. Ritt Kuhn

StellaLife VEGA Oral Care has changed the way our patients heal! We can see in 2 weeks what we normally would see in 4 weeks! Patients are having no pain even with all-on-4 procedures. I am impressed with the healing and pain control. - - Dr. Ritt Kuhn Read May...

Dr. Misch

Dr. Katranji and Dr. Bunek

"We have incorporated StellaLife products as part of the post operative healing phase for our surgical procedures. Our patients report significantly less discomfort and faster healing times after surgery. The overall response has been incredibly positive and patients have chosen to continue use even after primary healing. VEGA products are...

"StellaLife has become an essential tool within our arsenal of patient care products.." - - Dr. Jeff Rubel

"StellaLife has become an essential tool within our arsenal of patient care products. From periodontal therapy to periodontal prevention to post-surgical wound management I have relied on StellaLife's line of holistic rinses and gels to help my patients achieve optimal health and healing. I recommend and use StellaLife for my...

"Significant improvements seen in the surgical wound healing

increased post-surgical success rate" -- Dr. Jeanne M. Salcetti

"The greatest aspect of incorporating the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care program has been the significant improvements seen in the surgical wound healing, increased post-surgical success rate without altering taste and staining.” --- Dr. Jeanne M. Salcetti Read February 2018 Newsletter

StellaLife is Honoring Oral Cancer Cause

"I am absolutely delighted to have been introduced to StellaLife products. Having watched my brother and many other oral cancer patients suffer with ulcers in their mouth, I understand the pain these ulcers cause. They have trouble eating, swallowing and speaking. When Sharman, a friend of mine, shared with me...

"Patients at our office love the natural

safe , yet amazingly effective ingredients that StellaLife offers. Products taste great and work quickly." - - Dr. Allison Beehner

"I had a vision to provide my more natural-minded patients alternative options for pain relief and disease control that were just as effective and safe. When I was introduced to StellaLife, I knew I had found the product that I would feel comfortable recommending to my patients. Patients at our...

"It's all-natural

requires less opioids and it works!" - - Dr. Ann Kania

“I started recommending StellaLife for three reasons. One benefit to StellaLife is that is can reduce or eliminate the need for opioids. Opioids carry numerous side effects and risks that are avoided with this product. In addition, many of my patients prefer more natural therapies. They really appreciate the fact...

"Patients using the whole Recovery Kit experience less pain

less swelling and bruising , and less discomfort.” - - Dr. David Scharf

“StellaLife products have been invaluable in helping my patients have the best experience possible after a procedure. They routinely comment how applying the gel provides instant relief to discomfort in a surgical site. My observation is that patients using the whole recovery kit experience less pain, less swelling and bruising,...

StellaLife Picked for Editors' Choice Award (Oct 2017)

StellaLife® received top rating and Editors’ Choice Award, the highest distinction given by the DENTAL ADVISOR. Read October 2017 Newsletter

"I have seldom seen a safe breakthrough product of this magnitude.” - - Dr. Lee Sheldon

"I am so pleased that StellaLife is a routine tool in our practice. With so much success in speeding healing and reducing post operative pain, we keep testing the limits of this product. "Let's try StellaLife" has become a routine refrain in our practice for any type of acute or...

"Patients had little to no pain or discomfort when they used StellaLife.” - - Dr. Ravichandra Juluri.

"Patients who previously had post op pain had little to no pain or discomfort when they used StellaLife VEGA Oral Care products. My patients, colleagues and I are pleased with results.” - - Dr. Ravichandra Juluri. Read August 2017 Newsletter

StellaLife played a pivotal role in enriching the lives of dental implant patients - - Dr. Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow

"The incorporation of StellaLife VEGA Oral Care has played a pivotal role in enriching the lives of our periodontal and dental implant patients. We have experienced a significant reduction in our patients’ post-operative pain, discomfort, and swelling in conjunction with enhanced wound healing. We are excited to continue to learn...

"StellaLife is our primary remedy for the treatment of various mucocutaneous disease conditions.” - - Dr. Farhad Boltchi

“The StellaLife VEGA Oral Care products are indispensable adjunctive wound care products in our practice. They significantly improve wound healing and patient discomfort following standard and complex surgical procedures. In addition, they are our primary initial remedy for the treatment of various mucocutaneous disease conditions.” - - Dr. Farhad Boltchi...

"StellaLife is the best product we have used for post-operative discomfort in the last 13 years." - - Dr. William Carter

"StellaLife is the best product we have used for post-operative discomfort in the last 13 years." - - Dr. William CarterRead May 2017 Newsletter

"We have yet to uncover the limitations of this product." - - Dr. Jason Stoner

"I performed a series of case reports to evaluate the effects of StellaLife's VEGA Oral Gel and Rinse as adjunctive therapy for postsurgical management after pocket reduction osseous surgery, connective tissue grafting, extraction and site preservation bone graft. I used a split-mouth design, applying the VEGA Gel and Rinse only...

Better Ingredients. Better Formulations. Better Healing.

Mission Improve people's lives by accelerating healing, relieving pain and reducing the need for opioids. Vision Save lives through Intelligent Healing®. We believe that today’s consumers want safe, effective oral care products that are made from natural ingredients. The patent-pending StellaLife VEGA® Oral Care is advancing the standard of care...

StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Revolutionary Patent-Pending Technology

StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Revolutionary Technology Dental professionals focus on patient-centered measures and outcomes. Multiple goals are involved in providing the highest level of quality care. Essential to skillful postsurgical treatment is minimal discomfort, reduced healing time and no complications for the patient. Ideally, these are achieved without resorting to...