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Learn why innovative dental professionals use and recommend StellaLife
The dramatic change we have seen has been very impressive. We now have patients asking for more StellaLife.
Learn why Periodontists use and recommend StellaLife, awarded 2019 & 2020 Top Oral Healing Product
A significant reduction in our patients’ post-operative pain, discomfort,and swelling with enhanced wound healing.
I have seldom seen a safe breakthrough product of this magnitude.
The use of the StellaLife program increased post-surgical success rate and has been spectacular.
My patients are overwhelmingly grateful and satisfied with the result, and I see the benefits on a daily basis.
I frequently mention how StellaLife program is helping advance the field of dentistry to my Perio residents at UPENN and Temple.
StellaLife is an excellent program with a broad spectrum of applications to improve the well-being of our patients
This is the best product I ever had. I have a cancer patient on chemo and this is the only product allows her to eat
Dental Advisor awards StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit 2019 Top Oral Healing Product
The overall response has been incredibly positive and patients have chosen to continue use after primary healing
For pain or discomfort, they apply the Gel and get immediate relief. Very happy with StellaLife.
StellaLife benefits patients with faster healing & clinicians by reducing the need for various pain modalities.
Patients had little to no pain or discomfort when they used StellaLife VEGA Oral Care.
StellaLife is an excellent addition to any surgical or palliative treatment. I highly recommend it.
StellaLife revolutionized how I practice because my patients get better healing and less discomfort.
Our patients enjoy fast post-surgical healing or those dealing with Lichen Planus and other auto-immune conditions.
Over a post-op period of 7 days my patients experience less pain, swelling, bleeding, and bruising.
StellaLife is excellent for wide range of patients, easy to use at home and helps with oral health.
Implant patient with an infection used the Recovery Kit for 3-day before the surgery, and when she came back, everything looked fantastic to proceed with the surgery.
"StellaLife heals patients faster with less pain and fewer opioids and ScheduleWidget has increased new patient flow. Great for my patients, team and practice.”
We use StellaLife for all of our surgical patients, including implants, extractions, and all of our gum surgeries. The results have been fantastic.
We have been using StellaLife Recovery Kits for a long time to minimize bleeding and inflammation to accelerate the healing process. StellaLife is Stellar!
Patients love the natural, safe, yet amazingly effective ingredients. StellaLife products taste great and work quickly.
StellaLife VEGA Oral Care products are awesome and my patients enjoy them immensely.
Helping patients achieve best results from a tongue-tie revision using StellaLife
We use StellaLife for all of our procedures. Our patients tell us they have minimal pain, swelling and it tastes great.
I place the gel inside the denture, and in 24 hours, we find the tissue healed much faster, no infections and no bleeding.
My personal experience with StellaLife Recovery Kit was fabulous!
We have incorporated StellaLife for both surgical and non-surgical procedures, including our hygiene program.
All of our All-on-4 patients use the Recovery Kit with great success. Patients love the faster healing.
StellaLife has turned a family member's life around back to enjoyment,being happy, and functioning normally. Thank you, StellaLife!
My patients keep asking for a refill after first use. StellaLife is my first choice for healing for me personally and my patients.
Patients and I like StellaLife outcomes, because it helps with healing, and I don't get complaints.
StellaLife natural spray was more effective than all of the narcotic pain medication physicians gave my sister.
The recovery with our patients is phenomenal. Our patients love it is natural and easy to use.
StellaLife products are unbelievable for swelling, bleeding, gingival inflammation, and Lichen Planus.
...quicker healing, less pain and opioids. It has been great for our patients and an excellent addition to our practice.
Because healing is so good, my patients want more. Compliance has been great. The difference is seeing it is believing it.
...Patients with the auto-immune condition have seen StellaLife work even better than even steroids... is very helpful to have instructions right on the box - 3 3 3 easy to use protocol. Patients love it and speak very highly of StellaLife.
Addressing Opioid Crisis: Dr. Stoner tells how use of StellaLife products resulted in an 80% reduction in prescribed opioids.

To reduce opioid prescriptions, Dr. Tatch is providing patients with natural pain management products with great results.

Dr. Josh Brower shares some of the new and innovative products that caught his eyes during the recent 2020 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting and Lab Day and describes the trends he sees these products representing.
Dr. Miron goes over a study that was done showing how CHX is very harmful for patients to use post-surgically and why the StellaLife VEGA® Oral Care Rinse is an amazing alternative.
Dr. Bilski goes over why StellaLife is an amazing alternative to Chlorhexidine for pre and post-op surgical procedures, as well as daily hygiene.
Dr. Fadi Assaf shares his StellaLife story at the Pikos Symposium 2020 about how his patients experience less inflammation and less discomfort, which makes them happier!