Bad Breath / Halitosis (Causes & Treatment)

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Halitosis / Bad Breath

Brush your teeth and rinse at least twice a day, especially after meals. Toothpaste and rinses like StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Rinse with antibacterial properties has been shown to reduce bad breath odors. Couple this with regular flossing, which removes food particles and plaque from between your teeth, and you should have better control of your breath. If you don’t already, start brushing your tongue. It harbors bacteria that can lead to bad breath. Some people have a significant overgrowth of bacteria, leading to a coated tongue (from smoking or dry mouth). For dentures, clean them thoroughly at least once a day, if not twice (as directed by your dentist).

For retainer or mouth guard, clean it with StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Rinse each time before you put it in your mouth and again once you pull it out. To keep your mouth properly salivated, avoid tobacco and drink plenty of water instead of soda, coffee or alcohol since these tend to dry out the mouth. It’s essential that you rinse daily on a regular basis. A proper hygiene regimen in conjunction with regular dental checkups (generally twice a year) will help keep your mouth clean and healthy. Contact your dentist for more information about how to get your breath tested and improve your oral hygiene habits,

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath is usually caused by poor oral hygiene habits, infections that occur in the mouth, unhealthy habits, such as smoking and alcohol intake, and foods that you eat. Other culprits include dry mouth, respiratory tract infections, systemic diseases such as diabetes, kidney, liver and lung disease and gastrointestinal issues, which may include acid reflux and other stomach digestion problems. If you believe you are experiencing halitosis, or bad breath, look for these signs:

    1. Post-nasal drip or mucus in general
    2. A constant sour or bitter metallic taste
    3. Thick saliva that causes frequent throat-clearing
    4. A white coating on the tongue
    5. Persistent dry mouth
    6. Buildup around the teeth and gums

      If they apply to you and your bad breath persists even with proper dental hygiene and regular checkups, contact your dentist to express your concerns. If your dentist suspects a more serious condition is causing your bad breath, they may refer you to a physician to find the cause of the odor.

      One of the more common causes is leftover of food in and around your teeth. Certain kinds of foods like onions, garlic and some vegetables can turn your breath sour. The tongue can also trap bacteria that produce odors. If dentures aren't cleaned regularly or don't fit properly, they can harbor odor-causing bacteria and food particles as well. Regardless of how good your oral hygiene may be after smoking, the chemicals in tobacco wreak havoc on the mouth. Smokers or smokeless tobacco users are also more likely to have gum disease. Dry mouth may be another cause of bad breath. Your own saliva acts as a natural cleanser by helping to remove food and drink particles that may cause bad odors. Most people experience a mild form of dry mouth every morning with the infamous “morning breath,” which is made worse for those who sleep with their mouths open. Daily flossing and brushing are important to getting rid of food particles around your teeth or gums. Daily rinsing 2 to 3 times per day is essential to staying hydrated, removing food particles and killing the bacteria causing bad breadth.

      Bad Breath Treatment

      Our all-natural, antimicrobial rinse has been formulated for daily use to promote healthy gums, hydrate the oral cavity, promote oral health and freshen breath. The gentle formula refreshes your mouth while helping to keep it clean, to maintain a healthy mouth. Clinical reports showed anti-fungal properties and efficacy in the temporary relief of dry mouth. The excellent tasting rinse will not stain teeth, alter the taste or increase sensitivity. Our rinse is recommended by the dental professionals as part of daily oral hygiene. When used regularly, the rinse can promote long-term oral health. Learn more.

      StellaLife’s VEGA Oral Care Rinse is clinically* proven to accelerate healing time, hydrate the oral cavity, promote oral health and freshen breath. Independent antimicrobial studies confirmed its efficacy against numerous pathogens, including bacteria that causes periodontal disease and fungus. Clinical reports showed efficacy in the treatment of mucositis in conjunction with VEGA Oral Care Gel. 

      The series of case reports can be viewed at


      Adults and children over the age of 6 years:

      StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Rinse: Shake well. Use 1/2 - 3/4 Tablespoon (7-10 mL) per application 3 times a day. Swish in the mouth for 1-2 minutes and then spit out. Do not swallow. Refrain from eating or drinking for at least 20 minutes after use. 

      Consult your healthcare professional for use in children under 6 years of age.


      Consumers share their stories how StellaLife helping their patients with bad breath and dry mouth. "Freshens Breath As Helps Ease Dry Mouth: Good flavor. Works nicely." Learn more 

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      Verified Purchase
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      Verified Purchase
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