StellaLife® conducts high-quality research on all of our products: 

  1. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey: Selective Antimicrobial Effects of an Herbal Compound Rinse Against Multi-species Oral Biofilms, by Yi-Wen C. Tsai, Tri-Service General Hospital and National Defense Medical Center, Danyal A. Siddiqui, Rutgers, Georgios A. Kotsakis Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (link to research)
    RESULTS: StellaLife significantly inhibited the growth of F. nucleatum 12 hours after treatment and P. gingivalis 96 hours after treatment, while exhibiting lower toxicity toward commensal bacteria such as S. oralis, S. gordonii, and V. parvula compared to LIS or CHX. In the clinical ex vivo biofilm, StellaLife, CHX, and Listerine all showed significant antibiofilm effects, disrupting biofilm structure and reducing bacteria viability.
  2. Mouth Rinses, High Blood Pressure, and Nitric OxideAntiseptic mouth rinses disrupt nitric oxide production in the mouth, potentially leading to elevated blood pressure. Why does this happen, and is there one mouth rinse that can preserve NO levels? by Dr. Scott Froum, Editorial Director, PerioImplant Advisory (link to research).
    RESULTS: Both 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate and OxiStom showed a decrease in NO (nitric oxide) potential after rinsing, while StellaLife had no effect on the test strip color and presumably NO concentration (figure 4). ...this may prove to be a first step toward showcasing the ability of one mouth rinse to decrease pathogenic bacteria while avoiding removal of the eubacteria involved in NO production.5
  3. Biological Characterization, Properties, and Clinical Use of a Novel Homeopathic Antiseptic Oral Recovery Kit: A Narrative Review by Estrin, Nathan E. / Romanos, Georgios E. / Tatch, Walter / Pikos, Michael / Miron, Richard J. link to research or download
  4. Indiana University Study:  Journal of Periodontology: An in-vitro comparison of four antibacterial agents with and without nicotine and their effects on human gingival fibroblasts by Batra C, Alalshaikh M, Gregory RL, Windsor LJ, Blanchard SB, Hamada Y. An in-vitro comparison of four antibacterial agents with and without nicotine and their effects on human gingival  fibroblasts.   J Periodontol. 2022;1–10 link to research 
    CONCLUSION: CHX and PVD demonstrate superior antibacterial properties, but significantly reduce HGF proliferation. AO is bacteriostatic at lower dilutions but is highly toxic to HGFs. VEGA (StellaLife) was bacteriostatic and demonstrated no detrimental effects on HGF's.
  5. University of Texas Health San Antonio and University of Athens Study: Cytocompatibility Properties of an Herbal Compound Solution Support In vitro Wound Healing by Peng Zhou1, Vanessa Chrepa2, Ioannis Karoussis3, Michael A. Pikos4 and Georgios A. Kotsakis 
    ORIGINAL RESEARCH published: 26 March 2021 doi: 10.3389/fphys.2021.653661 by Frontiers in Physiology (link to research)
  6. Bern University Study (Switzerland): Cytotoxicity and Gene Expression Changes of a Novel Homeopathic Antiseptic Oral Rinse in Comparison to Chlorhexidine in Gingival Fibroblasts by Masako Fujioka-Kobayashi 1,Benoit Schaller 1, Michael A. Pikos 2, Anton Sculean 3 OrcID and Richard J. Miron 3,*OrcID
    • Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, University of Bern, 3010 Bern, Switzerland
    • Private Practice, Pikos Institute, Trinity, FL 34655, USA
    • Department of Periodontology, University of Bern, 3010 Bern, Switzerland.  Published: 17 July 2020 (link to research) or (watch video)
  7. The Efficacy of Preemptive Analgesia: Using a Non-Opioid Alternative Therapy Regimen on Postoperative Analgesia Following Block Bone Graft Surgery of the Mandible: A Prospective Pilot Study in Pain Management in Response to the Opioid Epidemic by Dr. Cameron Lee, Dr. Jon Suzuki (published by Clinical Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics - Medtext Publications, 2019 | Volume 1 | Article 1006 - - (link to published study)
  8. Opioid Prescribing can be reduced in Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery practice by Dr. Tatch published by Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (JOMS), September 2019, Volume 77, Issue 9, Pages 1771–1775- - link to research or download
  9. Lichen Planus Case Report by Dr. Sheldon (download)
  10. Canker sores: An old enemy facing new treatment by Dr. Froum, Editorial Director, Perio-Implant Advisory (full article)
  11. Vitamin D Deficiency & Early Implant Failure: What Every Clinician Should Know by Richard J. Miron, DDS, MSc, PhD, Michael A. Pikos, DDS, Mark Bishara, DDS.  More recently, vitamin D deficiency has also been linked with up to a 300% increase in dental implant failure, and associations with other dental-related complications are increasing. Optimizing vitamin D levels prior to surgery, therefore, becomes fundamental for maximizing wound healing (published by Dentistry Today, VOLUME 39, NO 4, April 2020 (link to published report) 
  12. Laser treatment of cold sores - Dr. Scott Froum presents a case example of how low-level laser therapy can be used to reduce the time and severity of herpes labialis infections. (link to research)
  13. Vitamin D Deficiency and Early Implant Failure: Outcomes from a Pre-surgical Supplementation Program on Vitamin D Levels and Antioxidant Scores: A Narrative Review by Paz, Ana / Stanley, Miguel / Mangano, Francesco Guido / Miron, Richard J.(link to research) or download
  14. Awarded 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 Top Oral Healing Product, six years in a row, by Dental Advisor (full report or video)
  15. Desquamative Gingivitis Treatment Case Report 2-weeks: after using VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit by Dr. Elena Furman, DMD, MSD, Professor, Department of Periodontics, School of Dental Medicine (download)
  16. Reducing the need for adjunctive antibiotics during scaling and root planing by Dr. Scott Froum (link to DE publication)
  17. Why do incision lines open, and what can I do about it? Patients become alarmed when incision lines open and expose the soft-tissue graft and/or dental implants by Dr. Scott Froum (link to research)
  18. Post Operative Pain Management During the Age of Opioid Crisis
    December 8, 2022 by Diana Bronstein DDS, MS,MS, MS; Jon B. Suzuki, DDS, PhD, MBA (published article)
  19. Management of pre and postoperative dental and surgical pain during the opioid crisis by Diana Bronstein, DDS, MS, MS, MS: Dr. Diana Bronstein discusses protocols to reduce patient dependence on opioids for pain management (link to research)
  20. Guided Bone Regeneration Membrane Exposure Case 2-weeks Post-op using StellaLife Rinse by Dr. Nate Estrin (download)
  21. Geographic Tongue Patient: Case Report by Liz Lundry, RDH (download)
  22. Management of pre- and postoperative dental and surgical pain during the opioid crisis: Drs. Diana Bronstein and Rita Steiner discuss protocols to reduce patient dependence on opioids for pain management (download)
  23. COVID-19 tongueDr. Scott Froum, Editorial Director, Perio-Implant Advisory, explains what you need to know about COVID-19–associated pathology of the tongue, recently termed “COVID tongue” in news reports. (full article)
  24. Black tongue: What is it, and how is it treated? Dr. Scott Froum, Editorial Director, Perio-Implant Advisory, explains the etiology of black hairy tongue and offers recommendations for treatment. (full article)
  25. Independent Microchem Laboratory Study: Reduction of Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria (download)
  26. Microorganisms: S. mutans, B. fragilis, C. albicans. Independent Microchem Lab performed Suspension Time-Kill ASTM E2315 study using the StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Coconut Rinse.  CONCLUSION: a kill of <98.13%, <99.96, <99.32% reduction was demonstrated against all three microorganisms. (download results)
  27. Microorganisms: S. mutans, B. fragilis. Independent Microchem Lab performed Suspension Time-Kill ASTM E2315 study using the StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Peppermint Rinse.  CONCLUSION: a kill of >99.99%% and >99.99% reduction was demonstrated against two microorganisms. (download results)
  28. Microorganism: P. gingivalis ATCC 33277. Independent Microchem Lab performed Suspension Time-Kill ASTM E2315 study using the StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Peppermint Rinse.  CONCLUSION: a kill of >99.99% reduction was demonstrated against microorganism. (download)
  29. Microorganisms: S. aureus (ATCC 6538), K. pneumoniae (ATCC 13883), C. albicans (ATCC 10231). Independent Microchem Lab performed Suspension Time-Kill ASTM E2315 study using the StellaLife Hand Sanitizer.  CONCLUSION: a complete kill of >99.99% reduction was demonstrated against all three microorganisms. (download)
  30. Alloderm Root Coverage Case Report by Dr. Juluri (download)
  31. The Dangers of Hand Sanitizer Use and MisuseDr. Scott Froum investigates associated toxicity issues and suggests a safer alternative to dangerous hand sanitizers. (full article)
  32. Four Dental Implants Case Report by Dr. Steve Rasner (download)
  33. Tongue Lesion and 4 Wisdom Teeth Removal by Dr. Tatch (download) 
  34. Vestibular Incision Subperiosteal Tunnel Access (VISTA) by Dr. Angelie Zamora, DDS, MAGD. (download) 
  35. Gingival Lesion Removal by Dr. Tatch (download
  36. Phase I Ortho: Chronic Inflammation Case by Haley (download)
  37. Hard and Soft Tissue Management presented by Dr. Kevin Kim at GDIA Symposium 2018 (download)
  38. Natural Adjunct to Post-Operative Management After Third Molar Surgery by Dr. Tatch, Oral Health Magazine (Read the full article)
  39. Five case series on Posterior Vertical and Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Reconstruction by Dr. Tatch (download)
  40. Lichen Planus 2 Patients by Dr. Tatch (download)
  41. Treatment of Focal Mucositis/Mucinosis by Dr. Tatch (download)
  42. Posterior Vertical and Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Reconstruction with BMP by Dr. Tatch (download)
  43. Blisters Case Report (download)
  44. Bilateral Sinus Lift and Ridge Augmentation by Dr. Tatch (download)
  45. Editors’ Choice Award, the highest distinction given by the DENTAL ADVISOR (download)
  46. Bilateral Mandibular Reconstruction with BMP by Dr. Tatch (download)
  47. Lower Jaw Cyst Removal by Dr. Tatch (download)  
  48. All-on-6 Dental Implant Procedure by Dr. Tatch (download)
  49. All-on-6 Dental Implant Procedure 3 Case Series Report by Dr. Tatch (download)
  50. All-on-6 Dental Implant Procedure by Angelie Zamora DDS, MAGD (download)
  51. Prosthesis Application Case Report by Dr. Tatch (download)
  52. Mucositis and Thrush Associated Lesions Treatment by Dr. Ledger (download)
  53. Exposed Tissue Case Report: Use for Management of Healing by Secondary Intention by Dr. Tatch (download)
  54. Post-surgical Management after Periodontal Surgical Procedures by Dr. Stoner (download)
  55. Post-surgical Management of Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth) Extraction by Dr. Tatch (download)

    We continue to test the efficacy and applications of the StellaLife VEGA® Oral Care and plan to publish University studies, and case reports continuously.

    Warning: some images are graphic in nature and show before/after procedures and treatment. They may not be suitable for all audiences.