Dr. Misch and Dr. Katranji, Periodontists, MI

Clinician Review

Dr. Misch and Dr. Katranji, Periodontists, MI Image
"We have incorporated StellaLife products as part of the post-operative healing phase for our surgical procedures. Our patients report significantly less discomfort and faster healing times after surgery. The overall response has been incredibly positive and patients have chosen to continue use even after primary healing. VEGA products are making a positive difference for our patients and practice, allowing for a reduction in overall medication usage."

Visti: http://www.miimplants.com/

Dr. Jason Stoner

Periodontist , OH

My patients unanimously reported having less problems with the VEGA treated side, recovered more quickly when compared to the controlled side and on average required fewer narcotic pain medications. We have yet to uncover the limitations of this product.

Dr. Farhad Boltchi

Periodontist , TX

“The StellaLife VEGA Oral Care products are indispensable adjunctive wound care products in our practice. They significantly improve wound healing and patient discomfort following standard and complex surgical procedures. In addition, they are our primary initial remedy for the treatment of various mucocutaneous disease conditions.”  Visit: boltchiperioimplantconcepts.com

Dr. David Scharf

Periodontist , NY

“StellaLife products have been invaluable in helping my patients have the best experience possible after a procedure. They routinely comment how applying the gel provides instant relief to discomfort in a surgical site. My observation is that patients using the whole recovery kit experience less pain, less swelling and bruising,...