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Dr. Chedly Schatzie Vincent

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Video Transcription:

Dr. Vincent- "I learned about StellaLife through one of Dr. Piko's courses, and he really raved about it and said really great things about it and the clinical information studies that I saw about the product really wanted to make me try it. So I did. And the first few cases I used were really with full arch implant cases. And I have to tell you that honestly, having the patients come back just a few days later, you could just really see the difference in how the tissue healed, how it formed. There was not that much inflammation. It was really pink. You could see how quickly they were healing. And I did use what was recommended. And basically I had them rinse and use the rinse, the gel and the spray three days before, and then to continue using it one to two weeks after. And I even had patients after the healing was done and everything actually requested that they wanted to have more of the product. So it's definitely something that I am happy that I started using in my practice and will continue using."

Interviewer- "And where do you practice, Dr. Vincent?"

Dr. Vincent- "I practice in New Orleans."