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Dr. Fred Sakamoto

Clinicians' Videos

"We allow the patient to continue to use StellaLife for post-surgical healing and we were seeing better results with our healing" -- Dr. Fred Sakamoto

Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is Fred Sakamoto periodontics from Columbus Ohio my expert tip today is on pre-procedural rinses we have been doing pre-procedural rinses for a long time only mainly for surgical procedures but since Covid you know we were forced to do pre-procedural rinses for all patients that were coming in and then now that the pandemic is declining or ending we have continued to do pre-procedural rinses and will continue for all of our procedures including exams post ops surgery all of our personal procedures like root planning so in the beginning we were using chlorohexidine we switched during the Covid to iodine rinses and then most recently we have started using StellaLife new product for us which has gotten better patient acceptance and we have also allow the patient to continue to use us for postsurgery healing and we were seeing better results with our healing during the first first two weeks of healing so we are we are very much looking forward to continue to use this product so that is my expert tip Thank you very much.