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Dr. Gary Kanemura

Clinicians' Videos

"I've been using the StellaLife for a couple of years now and had wonderful results compared to Peridex and Chlorhexidine." -- Dr. Gary Kanemura

Video transcription:

"Hi, I'm Gary Kanemura. I'm a periodontist in  Lodi, California, and I've been using StellaLife for a couple of years now and have wonderful results compared to the Peridex and Chlorhexidine. It's much better because you have no staining, ladies especially love it because their appearance doesn't change, especially immediately post-op and during the healing phases. The gel works wonderful, patients with any kind of ulcerations and especially post operative, they use it on the surgical site and it seems to give them some kind of pain relief and helps them quite a bit. So between the rinse and gel and spray, post operability is wonderful and I'm very very happy with the product."