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Dr. Jin Y. Kim

Clinicians' Videos

"We use the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care program in my practice for two main areas. For dental surgeries, it reduces postoperative complications, pain, swelling and suppresses the bacterial growth while revitalizing the tissue and enhancing the healing capacity. For oral medicine patients having limited options and dealing with pathological lesions like Lichen Planus and Oral pemphigoid, I see a significant relieve in pain and improved oral hygiene allowing them to get through the day. StellaLife is an excellent program with a broad spectrum of applications to incorporate in any dental practice to improve the well-being of our patients”.

Video Transcription:

“I've been very excited to incorporate StellaLife in my practice in the past two or more years, we have been using Chlorhexidine in the general surgical arena for many years. See, I was trained in Australia where Chlorhexidine type of materials were not prescription strength. They were available over the counter. That kind of material is very commonly used in layperson's approach. But Chlorhexidine really has a lot of issues. It really inhibits fibroblast activities and it really does some damage to the cells indiscriminately, which is not the best strategy immediately after any dental procedure, let alone large surgeries and soft tissue grafting, implant users, and so forth. So I've been very wary about using Chlorhexidine for a couple of decades. More recently, we've had antioxidant products on the market and I am very happy to use and strongly endorse StellaLife products. It comes as a rinse, spray, and as a gel, and I've tried all three modalities and patients do like to use them for different situations, different conditions, different things work. So there are two main areas that I use this product. One is for straight forward surgical cases. When the patients use it before and after surgery, it really reduces the post-surgical complications, swelling, pain, and so forth as it suppresses bacterial growth. It keeps the mouth clean and it really finalizes mutational growth fast. So therefore it genuinely enhances the healing capacity very well used and people come back with outstanding results, but definitely less swelling, less pain, and so forth. The second large area that I use it for is for oral medicine patients. In a parallel practice like mine, we have a very large subset of patients who have lichen planus, white lesions, all kinds of pathological lesions. And these patients also benefit tremendously. Patients with pemphigus, and things of that nature where hygiene is very difficult, there's constant pain and we see significant relief of pain as well as enhanced oral hygiene in these patients. So it is an excellent product to incorporate in a parallel practice.”