Dr. Michael Potts

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"It's been a boon to my practice because I do a lot of surgery and it's just cut the healing time in half. It's wonderful." -- Dr. Michael Potts

Video transcription:

"My name is Dr. Michael Potts. I'm a practicing, general dentist in Camarillo, California. I have been practicing over 40 years, and I just stumbled across StellaLife about four years ago and it's been a boon to my practice because I do a lot of surgery and it's just kept the healing time in half, it's wonderful. I was introduced to it by another practitioner who's an implantologist, and I trust him a lot. So I thought I'd try this material out. Wonderful material. I use it on all my surgeries, on the suture site, I get healing probably about a week earlier, half the time the healing of the suture site. And I also noticed it's worked on canker sores in the mouth, it's worked with the mouthwash that works very well for any other major sores inside the mouth and I just really enjoyed it. I very much support it and I noticed that I did use Arnica before in a capsular form, and it works very well because I found that plastic surgeons use it for swelling and bruising in facial surgeries. What's the problem with trying it? And it was great and I enjoy it tremendously, I fully support the product, it's homeopathic. What can go wrong? So it's great."