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Dr. Scott Folino, FL

Clinicians' Videos

"Patients come back for it over and over again" -- Dr. Scott Falino

Video Transcription:

My name is Dr. Scott Folino, I'm a periodontist, I practice in the State of Florida in Palm Harbor I've been practicing for 23 years now there. I've used several products for my patients after surgery I'm very happy with the success I've had with StellaLife and the patients enjoy it, they never complain about the flavor. They've always liked the outcome of you know using it they come back for more I mean they just like enjoy it and as far as soft tissue Improvement it's been amazing I mean like the difference between my surgeries before I use the StellaLife and afterward is great healing, less pain I use the kit for soft tissue and for larger procedures and the rinse for pretty much everything the scaling a root planing following any periodontal procedure patients come back for it over and over again you know it's great.