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Dr. Scott Schumann

Clinicians' Videos

Over at the Pikos Institute, Dr. Scott Schumann shares his appreciation for StellaLife's natural solution.

Video Transcription:

“Hey everybody, Scott Shumann from in the house, and this weekend I'm down in Florida at the PIKOS Institute with my good buddy, Dr. Mike Pikos, and I'll give a big shout out for StellaLife this time. Listen, this is an all natural solution. So, Dr. Mike Pikos, Dr. Jason Stoner, both turned me onto this and said, "Hey, Shu, you got to check this out. Our patients are healing faster and so will yours." It's all natural, it tastes great, it freshens your breath. We started out three days before big procedures with the spray that helps with the pain and the rinse and gel to keep things nice, moist, dry and smelling fresh. Listen, gotta give it a shot, you're gonna love it and it just plain works. Big shout out to sell life and thank you, Mike.”