Dr. Cecilio Po Pikos Institute

Clinician Review



Video transcription:

Dr. Po- “StellaLife is really good. I notice a lot of patients are really happy with the taste of it. I use it a lot for surgeries because the healing time is so good, the patients want more. So I've been using it since October. and I think everyone really, really likes it.”

Interviewer- “Awesome, patients are coming back for more? Have you noticed the compliance as far as in your office?”

Dr. Po- “Yeah, totally. I notice the compliance because it works. They see the difference so they're very happy. So the difference in seeing it is believing it so they really like it.”

Interviewer- “Well, thank you. I'm glad it's going well in your practice.”

Dr. Po- “Ok good deal, thank you.”

Dr. Sarah Herd

Patients and I like StellaLife outcomes, because it helps with healing, and I don't get complaints.

Dr. Amy Creech Gionis

StellaLife natural spray was more effective than all of the narcotic pain medication physicians gave my sister.

Dr. Jeremy K. Ueno

The recovery with our patients is phenomenal. Our patients love it is natural and easy to use.