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Clinicians' Videos

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Video Transcription:

Narrator- “StellaLife is on a mission to improve people's lives by accelerating healing, relieving pain, and reducing the need for opioids and steroids.”

Dr. Pikos- “I can tell you that across the board, it's been an amazing experience for all of us, for my staff, certainly for me, and most importantly for our patients because the feedback has been tremendous.”

Dr. Stoner- “I've done over 150 cases and photo-documented them, the healing at 1 week looks like 4 weeks.”

Dr. Tatch- “We've been able to reduce the number of opioids that we prescribe in our practice almost 4-fold in the last 3 years.”

Dr. Salcetti- “In the past, I would see wounds opening up. I would see membranes not only exposed but being lost. I would see bone grafts being lost. And I can't say I would always attribute that to the Chlorhexidine, but the use of the oral care program has just been really spectacular, and I love the overall health that I'm seeing.”

Dr. Sheldon- “When my assistants came to me and said, let's use this for every patient, why? Because we're prescribing a lot less pain medication as a result.”

Linda Miles- “It was a pure miracle. The difference in night and day and waking up without dry mouth”.

Dr. McCartin- “This is the best product that I've ever had. I have a cancer patient with melioidosis and is on chemotherapy. It's the only thing that allows her to eat.”

Dr. Doobrow- “We could not imagine practicing without StellaLife in our practice today.”