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Why StellaLife?

Clinicians' Videos

Learn why innovative Periodontists use and recommend StellaLife VEGA Oral Care, awarded 2019 Top Oral Healing Product


Video Transcription:

Dr. Brown- “And what we found is that our patients experienced much faster healing and a whole lot less discomfort, which meant that we didn't have to use as many post-operative medications.”

Dr. Katranji- “Even after they're done with surgery and they're done with their post-surgical instructions, they still want more StellaLife. And that goes down into the ingredients that comes from StellaLife.”

Dr. Scharf- “What we like is when patients come back the following week and they'll typically say, you know, the product really made a difference.”

Dr. Bakuri- “It makes the outcome of the treatment better. And it's a great product. Patients love it. We love it. The staff really enjoy using it every single day.”

Dr. Parkes- “The first person I tried StellaLife on was a dentist who I placed an implant in, and he came back to me the next week and he said, I love this stuff. He said, it is great, and he started ordering himself.”

Dr. Farriol- “It's revolutionized and it's changed so much the way I practice because my patients do notice enhanced healing. They do reduce the discomfort.”

Dr. Drake- “And it is really easy to use. There's a rinse, a spray and a gel. And over a period of seven days, patients experience less pain, less swelling, less bleeding, less bruising. And who doesn't want that? We love StellaLife.”

Dr. Kim- “There are two main areas that I use this product. One is for straightforward surgical cases. When the patients use it before and after surgery, it really reduces the post-surgical complications, swelling. The second large area that I use for, is for oral medicine patients. Lichen planus, white lesions, all kinds of pathological lesions. And these patients also benefit tremendously. Patients with pemphigus, we see significant relief of pain as well as enhanced oral hygiene in these patients. So it is an excellent product to incorporate into a periodontal practice.”