Katrinna Jackson, RDH, co-founder of CE Zoom

Dental Hygienists

Katrinna Jackson, RDH, co-founder of CE Zoom Image
"My daughter had a frenectomy surgery. Dr. told us to expect the pain for 3-4 days following the surgery. As a dental professional, I used StellaLife healing kit 3 days prior and after surgery in place of the Dr's prescription.  My daughter only took children's Ibuprofen 2 times the day of the surgery, and had no pain at all.  She allowed me to stretch her tongue as prescribed by the Dr. and the healing site looks amazing. The Dr was floored that my daughter had a play date the same day as the surgery, no issues with eating and pain especially on days 3 & 4.  Thanks so much, this was amazing for my daughter." - - Katrinna, RDH, AZ           Visit: cezoom.com