Darius Somekhian

Innovator Series


Darius Somekhian is The Head of Strategic Partnerships for Cloud Dentistry, a digital hiring marketplace APP for dental practices & professionals to connect for work hire. He is also the co-founder of its subsidiary called Pair Dental, the agency that pioneered the dental specialists traveling model.

He started Pair Dental years ago as a business development strategist who partners with traveling In-House dental specialists and helps grow their professional careers in dentistry, one dental office at a time. He started out working in the dental industry at 18, selling latex gloves from the trunk of his car. After growing his dental supply company, Darden Dental Supplies, which he started in 1998, to over 15 Million dollars in annual revenue, he had his first exit to Benco Dental, transitioning to corporate and opening up The Southern California market for Benco Dental. Darius has been dubbed “Dentistry’s Bullet” for his ability to network, & make deals happen.

Visit: www.clouddentistry.comwww.pairdental.com