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Dr. Jeremy Ueno, Sean Han and Helen Han

Innovator Series

Our mission at Teeth Camp is to be able to treat patients with failing dentitions as we believe in “no edentulous patient left behind.” Many of these patients suffer from low self-esteem and do not go out in public as they are ashamed of their smile. We want to be able to give these people the opportunity to change their lives!

Teeth Camp founders: Dr. Jeremy Ueno is one of the leading periodontists and implant surgeons in the US. He lectures nationally and internationally. He teaches and collaborates with local dentists on the treatment of complex cases focusing on “Teeth in a Day” and full arch rehabilitation. Sean Han is a Master Ceramist , entrepreneur and a key opinion leader for dental manufacturers including CAD/CAM, dental materials and implant companies. As a Certified Dental Technician he has a global reputation as an expert in full arch, cosmetic and complex cases. Helen Han is a marketing expert and entrepreneur. She coaches doctors on how to best promote their practices and services in the office, in the community and on social media. She leads a workshop at Teeth Camp empowering the attendees to effectively reach their patients and community, helping more people smile.