July 2022 Newsletter


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After earning his bachelor's in psychology from Rutger's College, Dr. Steven Rasner graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980. He received his Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry in 1997 and completed the written portion for the AGD Board Certification in 1998.

Board certification by the American Board of General Dentistry signifies the pinnacle of achievement in general dentistry and is an individual credential beyond any other in general dentistry. Board certification demonstrates Dr. Rasner's ongoing commitment to excellence, as well as his dedication and perseverance. Only a select handful of general dentists have achieved this status because it recognizes great ability, knowledge, pride, and accomplishment in the complex area of general dentistry.

Dr. Rasner is a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of Periodontology, Academy of General Dentistry, American College of Implantology, International Congress of Oral Implantologist, and the International Academy for Facial Esthetics.

"VEGA Oral Care has become a standard part of our protocol with both our pre-implant treatment (extractions and site development) as well as with our implant placement for its consistent impact on optimal tissue outcomes.” -- Dr. Steven Rasner

July 2022 Newsletter