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Nothing else works for me!

Patient Reviews

I've been using StellaLife products since October 2018. My favorite is the StellaLife Gel. It is an awesome ALL NATURAL product! In October 2018, I was diagnosed with Cicatricial Pemphigoid Disease, which is a rare autoimmune disease ... there is no cure, it is not contagious and effects ALL mucous membranes of the body! The oral pathologist wrote a prescription for steroids & said that was only thing she could recommend. I chose to not do steroids & have been in constant research for all natural products to help with horrible pain with mouth ulcers. I am using the StellaLife Gel & WILL NOT go with out having it on hand. I am also using colloidal silver water to help with mouth ulcers. It is expensive for a 1 ounce bottle but nothing else works for me!
- Kay G, TX