Key Benefits

The DentaMedica® Recovery Support Program aims to restore vitamin and antioxidant levels in patients prior to dental procedures to address the possibility of failure that may occur as a result of vitamin deficiencies.

The #1 recovery kit recommended by dentists.

DentaMedica® key benefits:

  • Supports healthy bone & soft tissue prior to and after surgery
  • Supports new cell growth, tissue repair, and general immune health
  • Restores vitamin and antioxidants levels prior to dental procedures to address possibility of failure that may occur due to vitamin deficiencies
  • Antioxidant, vitamins and minerals deactivate free-radicals and help reduce oxidative stress
  • Supports energy levels in the day and promotes rest in the evening

Vitamin D plays a prominent role in bone health and maintenance.

DentaMedica® key benefits:

  • Vitamin D and Vitamin K supports bone health
  • Vitamin A plus beta-carotene supports healthy cell growth and maintenance of epithelial tissue
  • Vitamin C supports healthy tissue growth and collagen formation
  • The B-Complex moderates the stress response function during periods of physical stress
  • Included are additional supplements that play a key role in maintaining healthy immune function, protein synthesis and collagen formation.
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