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Dr. Mike Milligan

Clinicians Feedback

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StellaLife Recovery Kit – these oral care products helped me so much. I met Gennady Sirota, CEO of StellaLife in Sept 2019. He is a very honest, open, intelligent individual. I was very impressed with his desire to help others. At Gennady’s direction, I started the StellaLife kit 3 days before radiation treatments began. I used it exactly as he said – the mouthwash, the spray, and the gel on the sores, 3x/day. I did this immediately after I cleaned my teeth very well with tongue cleaner, dental floss, Water Pik (Aquarius model) with 8 drops of household bleach in the full well of 20 ounces of water to reduce the microbial burden, then Sonicare toothbrush with toothpaste. The StellaLife products were an absolute game-changer! They cleaned AND soothed the sores. They helped me swallow and not need a feeding tube. They helped me with my pain. I got to where I could not eat food, but I could keep swallowing liquids like Ensure or Boost, and I only lost 14 pounds through my cancer treatment.

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