Dr. Allison Beehner

Clinicians' Videos

"I had a vision to provide my more natural-minded patients alternative options for pain relief and disease control that were just as effective and safe. When I was introduced to StellaLife, I knew I had found the product that I would feel comfortable recommending to my patients. Patients at our office love the natural, safe, yet amazingly effective ingredients that StellaLife offers. We hear all the time that the products taste great and work quickly." 


Video Transcription:

“Hi, I'm Dr. Allison Beehner. I have a general dentistry practice in Normal, Illinois. Our office has been using StellaLife now for about six months. We've really come to love all the products. Our patients have also benefited from this. Most often I hear that our products are very soothing. They taste great. Clinically we've seen post-op that these products have really been helpful in reducing inflammation and pain after treatment, especially scaling and root planing or cleaning's after a patient hasn't had a cleaning in a long time. Personally, I love the products because we're giving patients options where they have less toxins, less chemicals, and we're decreasing the use of narcotics in our office.”