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Dr. Phillip J. Hedger

Clinicians' Videos

Dr. Phillip J. Hedger is a Prosthodontist at The Pikos Institute. A lot of our procedures are Full Guided Full-Arch Implant therapy. We have been using StellaLife Recovery Kits for a long time and have a strict protocol to start 3 days before surgery, 3 times per day all 3 products. It helps control the oral environment to minimize bleeding and inflammation. After the surgery, we put the StellaLife Gel on the surgical site and let it sit there for at 5 minutes to reduce the inflammation to accelerate the healing process. Patients continue to use the Recovery Kit, and 1-week Post-Op looks like it was healing for a month! I couldn't recommend this product more. StellaLife is Stellar!


Video Transcription:

“Hi, I'm Dr. Phillip Hedger, Prosthodontist at the Pikos Institute. I just want to give a shout out to StellaLife. It's an amazing product. We've been using it routinely on all of our patients now. A lot of the treatment we do here is full-arch fixed implant therapy. We have a patient on a strict protocol where they're rinsing with the three days beforehand, we know that really helps control the oral environment as far as controlling and minimizing bleeding and inflammation. After we do our surgeries we have patients, we put the StellaLife gel on. And it's amazing. We let it sit there for five minutes and it looks like a week healing. And then we have them continue to use the rinse before we deliver their teeth and see them for the post-up and I'm telling you one-week post-ops look like one-month post-ops. I couldn't recommend this product more. StellaLife is Stellar.”