Dr. Amar Katranji

Clinician Review

"We have incorporated StellaLife products as part of the post-operative healing phase for our surgical procedures. Our patients report significantly less discomfort and faster healing times after surgery. The overall response has been incredibly positive and patients have chosen to continue use even after primary healing. VEGA products are making a positive difference for our patients and practice, allowing for a reduction in overall medication usage.” - Dr. Amar Katranji, Dr. Kelly Misch, Dr. Julius Bunek, Periodontists, MI

Video Transcription:

“Hi, I am Amar Katranji, I'm a periodontist in the metro Detroit area, I have practices in Southfield in Ann Arbor, Michigan. StellaLife has done quite a bit for our practice. We do a lot of surgeries. We have a lot of patients that had come back with a lot of pain. They didn't like the mouth rinses we were giving. They were taking more medication than we'd like to see. Since we started using StellaLife, we've seen a big change in our patient satisfaction after surgery. We see better compliance because they love the mouth rinse. Even after they're done with surgery and they're done with their post-surgical instructions, they still want more StellaLife. They want to know where they can get more. So there's definitely a big impact that we've seen as far as just compliance. Another thing that we've seen is less swelling, less post-operative pain, and that goes down into the ingredients that come from StellaLife, so we really appreciate everything StellaLife has contributed to our office and we look forward to using it more in the future.”

Dr. Amir Hosseini

"StellaLife heals patients faster with less pain and fewer opioids and ScheduleWidget has increased new patient flow. Great for my patients, team and practice.”

Dr. Joe Griffin

We use StellaLife for all of our surgical patients, including implants, extractions, and all of our gum surgeries. The results have been fantastic.

Dr. Phillip J. Hedger

We have been using StellaLife Recovery Kits for a long time to minimize bleeding and inflammation to accelerate the healing process. StellaLife is Stellar!