Dr. David Scharf

Clinicians' Videos

I like patients coming back after a week and sharing their positive experience with StellaLife. For pain or discomfort, they apply the Gel and get immediate relief. They get a better experience, and the soft tissue heals much quicker. Very happy with StellaLife program.


Video Transcriptions:

“My name is David Scharf, I'm a periodontist in New York and I've been recommending StellaLife products to my patients for about two years now. What I really like is when patients come back the following week, they'll typically say, you know, the product really made a difference. If they were sore, they were uncomfortable, they put the gel on, and right away they felt better. So it's a great way for them to have a more comfortable experience. And I noticed that soft tissue things heal quicker and that's always a positive thing. So I'm very happy with the product.”