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Dr. Andrew MacConnell

Clinicians' Videos

StellaLife is excellent for wide range of dental patients, easy to use at home and helps with oral health.


Video Transcription:

“Andrew MacConnell, I practice in northeast Tennessee. We had a new patient to our practice who had a tooth extracted, an upper left maxillary second molar, and the floor of the sinus was extracted with the tooth. She had an oral anter fistula to show that was severely infected. She was in pain and a great deal of discomfort. We put her on antibiotics and we put her on StellaLife, and within a week she had healthy oral tissues that we could visibly see up in the floor of the sinus. And she's able to now have sinus floor reconstruction surgery and bone grafting on a healthy surgical site. This product is excellent for your patients. It gives them something that they can work with at home. It's homeopathic and helps them with their oral health.”