Dr. Ryan Jouett

Clinicians' Videos

StellaLife delivered on its promise. A smoker implant patient with an infection used the Recovery Kit for 3 days prior the surgery, and when she came back, everything looked fantastic to proceed with the surgery. Another smoker patient has no pain after starting the Recovery Kit and healed beautifully.


Video Transcription:

“My name is Ryan Jouett, I'm a general dentist in College Station, Texas, and I had two cases that were very difficult. One, I had an infected implant on a lady and she was a smoker. And so I thought, well, I've got this, I'll just use it. So I gave it to her. She started three days before the surgery, and when I got to the surgery date and took everything off, everything looked fantastic. So we completed the surgery and I was like, wow, that's really good. The next one, it was a patient that nothing works on. She was a smoker. Every time I looked at her, she had pain. And I hated that for her, but I thought, well, it worked in this one case, let me try it on her. Used it on her, no pain from that day forward, and the case healed beautifully. So really been working well with StellaLife.”