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Dr. Ann Kania

Clinicians' Videos

“I started recommending StellaLife for three reasons. One benefit to StellaLife is that is can reduce or eliminate the need for opioids. Opioids carry numerous side effects and risks that are avoided with this product. In addition, many of my patients prefer more natural therapies. They really appreciate the fact that our office is sensitive to their desire to find natural anti-infective or anti-inflammatory treatments. Finally, it works! I have received feedback from patients and family members that prefer StellaLife to conventional pain medication. Thank you for giving our patients this option.”


Video Transcription:

“I started using your product about a year ago because I wanted to try to give my patients an option to reduce their opioid use. One particular patient, I think it was my sister. I've done surgery on her a number of times the traditional way. The last time she fractured a tooth and I had to extract and place an implant, instead of opiates, we used StellaLife? And she said it was so great because she didn't feel sick and loopy, and she felt like she could get back to her routine quicker, and so I'm really happy. It made me feel more comfortable to recommend the product, even more so for my patients.”