Dr. Catherine King, FL

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"I love it myself I personally use it and my patients" -- Dr. Catherine King

Video Transcription:

I'm Catherine King I'm a Periodontist at UF and we have tried StellaLife for all of our patients I love it myself I personally use it and my patients have had a great experience and so my mom also uses it as well in her practice. I'm from also Dr. Catherine King and I practiced in Orlando my patients love StellaLife they love the coconuts and it's a lot softer for them and not as abrasive as Paradox so I've enjoyed that a lot better for them and a lot of times patients will run out of it and they'll run to my office just to get the StellaLife so it really I'm grateful for StellaLife and like all their products especially the probiotics they've had and all the vitamins every vitamin D so I'm really grateful for StellaLife. Thank you!