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Dr. Chris Truong

Clinicians' Videos

"What I have seen is my patients have a lot less post-op problems. Pain is less and they use pain medication less." -- Dr. Chris Truong

Video transcription:

“My name is Dr. Chris Truong. I practice in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. I have been using StellaLife recovery kit for about two years now. Before that I use a lot of chlorhexidine and then periocides. My practice is a general practice, but it's focused mostly on surgery. We do a lot of sinus augmentation. We do bone grafting, block grafting, block splitting and full mouth reconstruction on four high bridge on six. We rely a lot on how the patient heals. So I've always tried my best to find the best product to help the patient heal. Since I have been introduced to this product by Dr. Michael Pikos, one of my mentors, I have used this product recovery kit and give it to all my patients after surgery. We actually start them three days before surgery, finish up throughout the inner surgery. What I have seen is that my patients have a lot less post op problems. Pain come less. They use pain medication less, mostly just ibuprofen and Tylenol for first few days and then nothing else. When they finish the kit, I always recommend them to go to the StellaLife website and to buy more of that if they want to use for daily use. I believe this kit is one of the success that I have in the surgery and recovery of my patient and I recommend it for every one of them. I highly believe in the product not just to use on my patient, but also help teach the mentors and some of the doctors that do surgery. My patients, I see that whenever they finish the product, they would always come back and ask me how do I get some more and things like that. So it just gives me a testimony that they like it too and they see the result firsthand. That's one of those things that I enjoy adding to my practice. I use some of the product for the hand sanitizer from StellaLife and as a matter of fact, when I was introduced to it, I liked it so much I bought several for my friends from Church, one each, and gave them as a present. They all love it and so we've still been using it. So that's one of those things I wanted to be able to give a testimony of some of the use I have for this and if anybody who has a practice that do a lot of surgery, I highly recommend this.”