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Dr. Clair Stagg, FL

Clinicians' Videos

"I'm very impressed with all the products they keep bringing out" -- Dr. Clair Stagg

Video Transcription:

My name is Dr. Clair stagg my StellaLife representative Mark has kindly asked me to talk about StellaLife I was introduced to StellaLife last year so that would be a year ago when I got my Deka laser to do frenectomy and surgery and what I do is I use the StellaLife recovery kit before the surgery and they get prepared the oral tissues are healthy and they are healthier after the surgery the healing process is reduced drastically and I actually also because I have a holistic practice or whole body practice Health connections Dentistry I actually have a lot of their other products a lot of the rinses and the gels and things of that nature so I actually do promote the rinses for patients who have periodontal issues and or health issues because obviously the gut stops in mouth and I have to say that I'm very impressed with all the products they keep bringing out we can't keep up fast enough with everything that's there and I'm very happy to know that there's such an amazing company that is doing this for our profession and hopefully I'm at the the collaboration for the cures in Orlando and I'm hoping that many other fields the that are all kind of integrated with whole body can see what an amazing product the StellaLife Is.