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Dr. Ellie Campbell, DO, MS, FAAOSH, GA

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"I no longer want to practice medicine without the use of these wonderful StellaLife products" -- Dr. Ellie Campbell

Video Transcription:

Hi I'm Dr Ellie Campbell I'm a board certified family physician and I'm also certified in integrative holistic medicine and I'm thrilled to be here at the Aaosh collaboration cures event in Florida, we have this event on an annual basis of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry coming together to try to collaborate as much as possible for the benefit of our patients, and this is a unique year because I have written a book and it's called the blood pressure blueprint the holistic guide to defeating hypertension and it comes out in September of 2023 and in this book I mentioned one of my very favorite products to help with dental health so Dental Health how is dental health connected to blood pressure well it absolutely is oral health is one of the most underappreciated contributors to overall systems for oral health leads to cardio vascular disease or oral health leads to cancer for oral health leads to heart attack strokes and even dialysis so we need to have better health better oral health have better blood pressure and one of the ways that we get better health is to will help us to have a better healthier oral microbiome and this is where StellaLife can come into play because StellaLife with their probiotic with their mouth rinsed they dramatically can shift the terrain of our oral microbiome or environment to enhance a healthier microbiome when we get those healthier bug bacteria on the surface of our tongue we make more Nitric oxides in things that's an enzyme that makes our body make Nitric oxides the miracle mouth molecule that dilates our blood vessels and helps control our blood pressure so when we have a healthier mouth with the use of StellaLife Products we have a healthier body overall and I no longer want to practice medicine without the use of these wonderful StellaLife products.