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Dr. James Martin

Clinicians' Videos

Video transcription:

Dr. Martin- “I've Been using StellaLife for about six months now, and I love it. I mean, we prescribe it to every patient that gets surgery.”

Mark- “Awesome. How has your patient compliance been? As far as taste, etc.”

Dr. Martin- “I feel like patient compliance has been great, you know, the instructions are very helpful, having the instructions right on the box 3x3x3.”

Mark- “Yes.”

Dr. Martin- “Yeah, but sometimes patients get so into it because we make a big deal out of it in the beginning, how important it is for healing.”

Dr. Martin- “So a lot of times we'll get calls after the patients left asking specifically about how to use it the right way because they're so amped about getting the right result.”

Mark- “Awesome, and where do you practice?”

Dr. Martin- “I'm in Colorado. Lafayette, Colorado.”

Mark- “Awesome, well thank you for sharing your experience with us. It's been great.”

Dr. Martin- “Yeah, yeah, people love it. They really do. They speak very highly of it.”

Mark- “Awesome, thank you.”

Dr. Martin- “Yeah, you're welcome.”