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Dr. Bakuri - Tissue-Friendly Post-Op Care

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Dr. Sam Bakuri recommends StellaLife as a game-changer in a more natural approach to dentistry.

Video transcription:

“My name is Sam Bakuri. I'm a periodontist and dental implant specialist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have been doing periodontics for quite a while, and we're always faced by questions that we cannot answer. I remember when I was start doing these implant procedures on patients that has a lot of veneers and a lot of restorative work and give them the peridex mouthwash that stains all their crowns and they come to me, they are not happy. And they looked me in the eye and they said, "do you have anything else you can give me"? I didn't have an answer for them. The patients that have all these ulcers in their mouths that keep coming back and forth and we keep giving them steroids and they call us and they say, "Doc, I'm really sick of taking steroids. Is there anything else you have for me?" and I didn't have an answer for them. There was all these patients who are, like, holistic, biological, believe in natural path of dentistry, and I do a lot of ceramic implants. As a matter of fact, I'm a speaker for ceramic implants, and we go with the natural approach. We do a ceramic restoration, ceramic implant, and after I do the implant procedure, I have to give them mouthwash and I'm still giving them peridex, which is a medicine and they look at me and they said, "do you have any biological alternative?" and I didn't have an answer for them. When StellaLife came in, it fills the gap. It actually answers all these questions. It's a biological product, it's a natural product, it is not a medicine, and it's really good alternative for peridex. It's actually a much better product than peridex when it comes to postoperative care for patients that just had an implant procedure, any dental extraction procedure, sinus lift, doesn't stain the teeth at all, very friendly tissue. It's very good for ulcers. When you go to a meeting and you see StellaLife, they will give it to patients and to people to try it and you see there's like an immediate response that people feel from that. So it's a natural product that actually completely changed the game. And there was a lot of people who come with products before StellaLife came in and they said that these are good products, but their claim was short lived. StellaLife every day actually gained more and more potential because of the multiple areas where we can use it. I'm very happy with StellaLife, and I hope you can join that campaign of StellaLife because it's definitely going to be a game changer for you and for your patients.”