Dr. Jeanne Salcetti

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"The greatest aspect of incorporating the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care program into my practice has been the significant improvements seen in the surgical wound healing those first few weeks. All my patients love the homeopathic plant-based products with the lack of altering taste and staining. The use of the StellaLife program increased post-surgical success rate and has been spectacular.”


Video Transcription:

“I wanted to share my story about using the StellaLife VEGA oral care program, I started this about a year ago after the last meeting and hearing the testimonials of many of our colleagues around the table. And I thought in the past they've never done me wrong in terms of their recommendations so that I would give this a try. And so for the last nine months, I've incorporated this into my practice. I originally started using just the rinse very similar to what I had done, recommending the Chlorhexidine rinse. But then after talking to other colleagues, their recommendation really was to use the entire kit. And so I've been incorporating the gel, the spray, and the rinse for every single one of my surgical procedures. Crown lengthening, bridge augmentation, sinus lifts, gingival grafts, you name it, they get it. And it has been a dramatic improvement in terms of the overall wound healing and, of course, the lack of swelling and pain that my patients have reported to me. In the past I would see wounds opening up. I would see membranes not only exposed but being lost. I would see bone grafts being lost and can't say I would always attribute that to the Chlorhexidine. But the use of the oral care program has just been really spectacular. And I love the overall wound healing that I'm seeing. And I will tell you, my patients love it as well. They love the fact that there's no staining from what they used to have with the Chlorhexidine. They love the fact that are no bitterness. They love the opportunity that it's a homeopathic rinse and it's plant-based. And so there is no toxins that they're risking putting in their mouths. And they absolutely have not once complained about any issue that it will help their overall wound healing, swelling, and lack of pain. So I wanted to take this opportunity and share my particular story. And I know many of you all have already been using the StellaLife program in your practices. But I would very much recommend bringing that in and letting your patients enjoy the same wound healing and surgical results that we all want for our patients.”