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Dr. Jennifer Doobrow

Clinicians' Videos

"The incorporation of StellaLife VEGA Oral Care has played a pivotal role in enriching the lives of our periodontal and dental implant patients. We have experienced a significant reduction in our patients’ post-operative pain, discomfort, and swelling in conjunction with enhanced wound healing. We are excited to continue to learn all the unique benefits VEGA Oral Care has to offer."


Video Transcription:

“Hi, my name is Dr. Jennifer Doobrow, and I practice in Cullman, Alabama. I've been using products from VEGA oral health care for approximately 8 months and it's been fantastic. It's really been a wonderful experience for us at the practice. But more important, it's been incredible for our patients. It's dramatically reduced the cost of pain and discomfort and the feedback has just been incredible. So thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to our dental field.”