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Dr. Joe Griffin

Clinicians' Videos

We use StellaLife for all of our surgical patients, including implants, extractions, and all of our gum surgeries. The results have been fantastic. Two weeks after the surgical site looks like it was healing for months. Inflammation is down, and the sutures are always very clean. StellaLife is helping our periodontal patients heal faster after the laser therapies and SRP. Patients like the flavor and the fact it doesn't leave any stains, so their postsurgical experience is significantly better. I personally use StellaLife for my Aphthous ulcers episodes to keep me symptoms free. My team and I are thankful for StellaLife.


Video Transcription:

“Hey, this is Dr. Griffin in Knoxville, Tennessee. Just wanted to let you know a little bit about our experience with StellaLife. It's been fantastic. About a year ago, we started looking at using StellaLife with all of our post-surgery patients and that would be implant placement, all of our extractions, and gum grafting surgeries, anything that we put a scalpel to anything we would suture up. And the results have been fantastic. Our surgical two-week post-op has been fantastic. They look like they've been healing for months. It seems that the inflammations down significantly. The sutures are always very, very clean, which we really like to see, and it's just been fantastic. We've also been using it for our periodontal patients or perio disease and have seen some nice results with healing after laser-assisted periodontal therapy, scaling, and replanting. And the patients also seem to really like it. It's a favorable flavor. It doesn't leave any stains, and their post-op experience seems to be better than what we were experiencing a year ago. So we're very thankful for StellaLife. We look forward to using it in different applications. Personally, I've been using it, I get aphthous ulcers a lot and so it's been nice to be able to have to use to keep things relatively simple and free when I have those episodes. So I'm very thankful for StellaLife, thankful that we were able to come across that product and really are supportive of it and behind it and look forward to a great relationship with StellaLife in the future. Thanks and hope you have a great day. Bye-bye.”