Dr. Michael Kreitzer

Clinician Review



Video Transcription:

“Hi, how are you doing? My name is Dr. Michael Kreitzer, and I'm originally from Massachusetts, but I practice in Columbus, Ohio at Stoner Periodontics implant specialist. I'm a periodontist. My experience with StellaLife has been pretty incredible. We're very early adopters. Patients love it. It speeds up soft tissue healing. They utilize it for stuff not even related to dentistry. I'd recommend it to anybody.”

Dr. Eric Rindler - Oncology

Dr. Eric Rindler recommends StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit  as a game-changer in a more natural approach for oncology patients.

Dr. Mark Cannon

AAOSH Board Member

"If we have a patient with Aphthous Ulcers, we keep gel here for our patients and they leave with a gel. If you do a laser procedure or frenectomy or wisdom teeth, put them on Oral Care Recovery Kit." - - Mark L. Cannon, DDS, MS.

Dr. Chedly Schatzie Vincent

Having the patients come back just a few days later, you can just really see the difference in how the tissue healed and how it formed.