Dr. Robert Heller - Midwest Implant Institute

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See why Dr. Heller of the Midwest Dental Institute recommends StellaLife for all pre and post surgical needs as opposed to CHX.


Video transcription:

Dr. Heller - “After researching and listening to a couple lectures, we stumbled upon the StellaLife product and after researching the StellaLife product, we realized that the CHX was actually causing damage to fibroblast, so because that's part of the healing process, during surgeries, we decided that we would switch over to the StellaLife. For the last year and a half, we've been entirely using the StellaLife product prior to our surgeries and we are seeing a significant decrease not only in an infection rates, but also we are decreasing the use of narcotics. It has a 3 step process whereby we can use their their rinse, their gel and their spray. The patient will start this 3 days prior to the surgery and then during the surgery we'll use the rinse and they'll then use it for 7 days post-op. This seems to have helped out quite nicely and we are again seeing a decrease in oral microflora and therefore we will continue utilizing the StellaLife for our preoperative rinse. So you're going to see this inserted into the beginning of our surgical drape that we have started utilizing about 10 or 12 years ago. When we were doing major surgeries, we would use a full drape, but that became a costly process and we wanted to then utilize something where we would use what we would call our half drape. So what you're going to see over the course of the next 30 to 40 minutes is the set up and draping using StellaLife for our patient for either a simple extraction, implant and bone graft, a simple extraction and bone graft, and or some sort of full mouth extraction with placement of an immediate, complete denture. We feel that this has been a very huge benefit to our practice. We have decreased the amount of post-operative appointments because of the decreased infection rate. And we're hoping that you might utilize this in order to help with your surgeries that you would do back home.”

Hygienist - “So we've changed from doing our inter oral cleaning from the CHX to the StellaLife. It's an all natural product. The studies have shown that is great at cleaning bacteria, and also the patients don't hate the taste, even though the chlorhexidine wasn't as bad as the Betadine, this is really nice tasting. You do have to ask your patients if they have any allergies to any flowers because there are some herbal components in it that are of the flower family. It's plant based and also peppermint, so you have to clear that up with your patient before you start using it in their mouth. So you want to make sure you shake up the bottle really well, and as you notice, I do have non-sterile gloves on. We do this before we drape the patient. You put some in a little cup with 4 or 5, 2 by 2's. You don't want them super saturated because you don't want the patient gagging. So just grab a couple of 2 by 2's and you want to do inside the cheeks on the outside of the teeth, upper and lower, floor of the mouth, the tongue and the roof of the mouth. You want to be thorough. You don't want to gag them, of course. And then after you do the inter oral, you then want to do extra oral. So start with the lips and just work your way up to over the bridge of the nose and down underneath the chin.”

Dr. Heller - “Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to go to the Midwest Implant Institute website.”