Dr. Robert Haraden

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I have been using StellaLife for over two years on extractions and dentures. I place the gel inside the denture, and in 24 hours after removing it, we find the tissue is healed much faster, no infections and no bleeding. No pain, quicker healing, and patients are a lot more comfortable.


Video Transcription:

“Dr. Bob Haraden and I've been using StellaLife for two years. When I do a surgical extraction and an immediate denture, I place the gel inside the denture and I find that in 24 hours we remove the denture, the tissue is healed, there's no infection, there's no bleeding. You don't see those large blood clots, and we remove the denture. The patients a lot more comfortable and we can see that the tissues heal much faster. No pain, quicker healing, and in a week, the patient feels extremely comfortable.”