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Dr. Roger Parkes

Clinicians' Videos

StellaLife is an excellent addition to any surgical or palliative treatment. I highly recommend it.


Video Transcription:

“Hello, my name is Dr. Roger Parkes, I'm a periodontist in Jackson, Mississippi. I've been practicing for 35 years. And three years ago at a meeting in Dallas, Texas, I was introduced to StellaLife mouth rinse and gel and the whole package for post-surgical rehabilitation of our patients. And I was really disturbed by the stain that we got from using other materials. I won't mention those, but you know what those are and also the alcohol and all the other things that are in the other materials that we were using for our patients to rinse out with after our surgeries. So we tried StellaLife, and the first person I tried StellaLife on was a dentist who I placed an implant in, and he came back to me the next week and he said I love this stuff. He said it is great, and he started ordering it himself. So I tried it myself. I went home and I used it myself, and it is very homeopathic, which I'm kind of a homeopathic kind of guy. I like to use natural things as much as possible. Our patients love it. Last week I had a patient in my office that was 96 years old and she was having lots of problems with her teeth and her gums were hurting her. And I didn't really know what to do with her because she was so elderly and so frail that there was no treatment I could really do. I put her on StellaLife. We called her the next day to see how she was doing and the people that were taking care of us told us she was much better the next day and she was just doing great. So, StellaLife is a great addition to any type of surgical or even any kind of palliative type of treatments you want to do for your patients and I recommend it. I recommend the gel and the whole pack for post-operative situation is excellent. Your patients are going to like it. Rise up in their eyes about what you can do for them. So I'm recommending StellaLife to all of my patients.”